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Ashley and Jared’s Newport Wedding Gave Us All the Feels

Ashley and Jared’s Newport Wedding Gave Us All the Feels Photo from:

Okay, so, there is truly no Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise couple I have loved more than Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon. None. In however many seasons this show has consumed my life. Spoiler alert, that’d be a lot. And now that they’re married, I’m going to struggle a bit, really, because I’ve loved their journey to the altar. Admittedly, I was one who watched BIP and yelled at the TV screen whenever Ashley was lusting after Jared, not getting any sort of romantic vibes in return, and crying ALL the mascara-running tears as a result. But when it finally came out that these two were dating, for reals, I was shook in the best way possible. Didn’t take long after they started dating before both of them knew a wedding was inevitable, and here we are, one day post event, stalking every adorable part of this fairy tale. 

People got the exclusive on the Newport, RI nuptials, and Troy Williams - their wedding planner - was up suuuuuper early this morning for more press rounds - so we’re sure to be getting tons of deets as the week goes on. Thankfully, though, we’ve gotten a lot of the Disney details from the stories and feeds of a few of our other fave Bachelor Nation nerds (and we say that endearingly 😉; Evan Bass, we adore you). And guess what? These two had one of the most personal, beautiful, and enchanting weddings ever. Effortlessly shot by none other than Rebecca Yale. 

Here are some of the things we’d really, really like to borrow from the BIP bride and groom.

Ashley and Jared’s Newport Wedding Gave Us All the Feels Photo from:

If you and your boo just so happen to be boy band believers and/or superhero habitués, you’re going to want to peep it all #whenjaredmetashley

Their custom painting from @tkopaintings

Ashley and Jared’s Newport Wedding Gave Us All the Feels Story on:

instagram post

We talk about unique gifts for newlyweds all the time, but, holy s***, this painted portraiture that Ashley and Jared got from one of Ashley’s closest childhood and college friends, Taylor Kampa the night before their wedding is EVERYTHING. Have an artist friend like this in your crew? You def want to commission them for your ‘I Dos.’ We love how Ashley and Jared displayed it at their rehearsal dinner. Epic.

Ashley’s Jasmine realness on the night before


Fellow Disney diehards, if you’re thinking about infusing your wedding with a little pixie dust magic, take some lessons from Ash. For her rehearsal dinner, the brunette beauty wore a Jasmine-inspired, two-piece outfit that we can’t stop thinking about. Have to say, we prefer Ashley’s all-white version to the Sultan’s daughter’s mint ensem. The midriff, the lace, the sparkle, the cap sleeves, and the skirt with its chiffon overlay. Slayyyyyed it. 🙌

First dance magic a la Rob Thomas

After being introduced as the new Mr. & Mrs. Jared Haibon, the newlyweds floated into their grand ballroom (was seriously stunning) and slow danced to Rob Thomas’s “Ever The Same.” Jared fanboys hardddd over the former Matchbox Twenty frontman, so the song choice makes all the sense. Forever it’s you, forever in me, ever the same…


Gotta say, I’m obsessed with them for picking this song. Almost makes me want to throwback to my own wedding day and commit to O-Town’s “These Are The Days” for my first dance… slow danced to that track for the first time ever with my husband at someone’s Sweet 16… #memories.

Oh! And they also had a lot of Backstreet Boys classics for the dance floor and “A Whole New World” group singalong to end the night… so, yeah, best wedding reception ever.

Custom donuts from DD for favors

Ashley and Jared’s Newport Wedding Gave Us All the Feels Story from:

The couple sent their guests home with, arguably, the tastiest favors we can think of. Photo-topped, custom doughnuts from Dunkin’, featuring snapshots of their guests in black and white, and a border of iconic pink and orange Ds. Duh. Delicious. We’re waiting to hear more about these treats, 1) because we love everything to come out of the ‘Time to make the donuts’ brand and 2) People actually reported about DD partnering up with a Massachusetts photo studio to bring the guest photo topping to life.

The glow stick or lightsaber sendoff, really

Ashley and Jared’s Newport Wedding Gave Us All the Feels Story from:

Some couples have a sparkler exit… and some have something much, much better. As the two departed their reception and headed out to their classic getaway car, guests waved glow sticks - to say goodbye - that looked every bit the lightsaber. Jared’s a huge Star Warrior (Star Wars fan X100000), so, again, personal and perfect.

God, these, two. Such a storybook day… And now back to this season’s Bachelor in Paradise, where we can get back to Blake and all his baggage. Oh, yay. 

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