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Why Your Girls Need an Under $150 Option for Their Dresses

Dessy New Thread Bridesmaids Collection

Correct us if we’re wrong, but by the time a bride asks her girls to be an official part of her wedding day girl squad, the blissed-out besties have about 5 minutes before their elation turns to dread. Yes, it’s a beyond-wonderful thing to be asked to stand beside a best friend, sister (sister-in-law), cousin, colleague, etc. as she says ‘I Do’ to the love of her life, but the responsibility isn’t one that she can take lightly. The financial expectations can kick in real quick, so almost as soon as she’s saying ‘YES, of course!!!’ she’s also thinking ‘Mmm, can my debit card handle this RN?’ Now, in no way, shape or form are we saying that that reality is grounds for bailing, bridesmaids become brides, brides become bridesmaids, it all balances out in the wedding queen ‘circle of life.’ But, if you have an opportunity to make at least their dress a no-brainer decision, then you should certainly consider it. And in the case of Dessy’s brand-new Thread Bridesmaids collection, the under-$150 price point does absolutely nothing to tramp on the trendiness of these dresses. They are, in every way, 👌👌👌.

If you’re the bride, we mean nooo disrespect, this is your day and for all intents and purposes, you get to call the shots. Even if that means you fall in love with a bridesmaid look that isn’t exactly affordable. That said, we put together three reasons why an under-$150 option could work in their and your favor.

Dessy New Thread Bridesmaids Collection

Why the under-$150 dress is actually 💯

  1. You’ll calm the crews’ nerves early on. Like we said, when the bridesmaid proposal finally goes down, it’s happy times for a hot sec and then the excitement gets eclipsed by obligations (not always, but often). The girls get to worrying about how much their roles in your wedding will cost them - even though they know they’ll pay whatever it is to be a part of the picture. So, if you want to mellow their worries before they really start stressing, make it known early on that you’ve already scoped out BEAUTIFUL dresses under $150! Having been a bridesmaid twice, going on a third time in January, hearing ‘under $150’ is almost too good to be true. But it isn’t!

  2. You’ll build in some room for alterations. Reasonably-priced dresses go a long way to alleviate the strain on your ladies’ wallets, but above and beyond that, they also help to make paying for alterations later on more tolerable. Alterations are a solid expense and line item for bridesmaids, so it helps to have some buffer money left over to handle them.

  3. You can guarantee none of the girls feel taken advantage of. We’re forever fans of mix and matched bridesmaid dresses, either going with a shades-of (each girl in the same color, in different silhouettes) or style story (each girl in the same silhouette, in a variety of colors that work together). Whenever you do that, though, you risk some of the girls paying more than others. Not a huge deal, but something that they can get salty over. If you can let everyone know that they’ll be paying $150 for the dress AT MAX, they’ll be pleasantly surprised if their dress winds up ringing up for even less! 

Dessy New Threads Bridesmaid Collection

Now about those dresses…

Dessy Group has been in the ‘outfitting bridal parties’ game for 80 years, doing wonders with that under-$150 price point, so they obviously know what they’re doing to ensure brides and their band of sisters are sublimely happy. Moreover, this newly-launched collection of bridesmaid and social occasion dresses, under the label Thread Bridesmaids, will just keep their legacy of making bridesmaid magic intact. Featuring a range of simple silhouettes by designer Vivian Dessy Diamond, the Thread styles will be offered exclusively on Dessy.com - available for quick delivery - all priced between $119 and $149.

And keeping up with the millennial mindset 

For a company that’s been in business for nearly a century, it’s still sooo keyed into customer culture and preferences (why are we even saying that, of course it is!). Dessy has partnered with fashion fit technology, Style.me to provide a virtual “try-on” capability. Each bridesmaid can create a personalized avatar image based on her body measurements, skin color, and hair color. She can then try on any Thread style to gain the most accurate fit as well as see a comprehensive 360-degree view of her selections. Geniusssss. 

Dessy New Thread Bridesmaids Collection

We could say more, but really, pics or it means nothing, right? 

Dessy New Thread Bridesmaids Collection

Dessy New Thread Bridesmaid Collection

Dessy New Thread Bridesmaids Collection

On-point colors, figure-flattering silhouettes, and blendability with legit any bouquets imaginable? We like it all. Plus, when you’re wearing a dress under $150, you can feel just a litttttttle more free to lick 🍭and/or have a pre-wedding 🍕party. Just sayin’.... Shop now

Dessy New Thread Bridesmaid Collection



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