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Under $100 Bridesmaids Dresses Your Girls Will Die Over

Birdy Grey Sage Gown

So, it’s a new year, and I have to say, I’m pretty dang excited about it. As much as I absolutely loveeeed being in three weddings from September 2018 through just last weekend (my cousin’s wedding was on January 4th), I’m going to come out on a limb and say that my bank account couldn’t be happier. It’s getting its life back 👍. You see, as wonderful as it is to have a tribe by your side when you tie the knot, it’s inevitably a majorrrr cash suck for everyone. And of course, roles reverse all the time - bridesmaid one day, bride another, and vice versa - but instead of just breaking even on that $200-$300 purchase, why not at least try to make it easier on one another and go with a dress that’s $99? Birdy Grey, a brand we’ve gotten to know and love over the last year, has been leading the flock with < $100 and super trendy bridesmaid frocks, and if you’re newly-engaged and thinking about what to do to outfit your crew, then head over to the site and buy in bulk in one fell swoop.

We’ve gone over all the perks of this perfectly-priced dress perch before.

But just in case you’re just tuning in, here they are again:

Birdy Grey Soft Pastel Gowns Dresses (from left to right):


All the dresses, ALL of them are $99 and sold directly and exclusively from BirdyGrey.com.

🐦 The collection is expertly-curated, so that mixing & matching for as little or as big a group you have is a total piece of cake. And the looks are 👌. From V-necks to halters, cold shoulder styles to ones with sleeves, the mélange of styles and colors that your friends and fam can fly with is OOC.

🐦 There are also four distinctive convertible styles to choose from, in the event you want to pick one color and let the girls find their most flattering fit (or, conversely, choose a style and/or fabric and then let the girls decide on their coveted color). Works amazingly well for diverse groups of girls, all with different body types and style sensibilities.

Watch how it happens!👇


When it comes to colors…

Just think about a peacock’s plume: all those prismatic feathers? Well, yeah, Birdy Grey’s gowns come in colors to match any wedding palette - from softer cosmetic shades like champagne, dusty rose, and mauve to moodier jewel tones like emerald, navy, and plum (plus an ACTUAL teal color called Peacock that I’ve commissioned as my accent color for our new home! If only BG had velvet iterations, I’d buy a dress just to have it hang in my open concept closets….JK JK JK doesn’t even have to be velvet, I’d do it just for the color 😜).

Dusty Blue Birdy Grey Gown

Oh and just a clue, the new Dusty Blue shade is stunning. Think Lady Gaga’s gorgeous icy blue Valentino couture gown for this year’s Golden Globes. You know what they say about catching the bouquet? If your gang is dressed in LG DB, who knows, a star might be born. Or should we say a “bride” might be born?!?!!

And the part about Birdy Grey that makes us all want to tap this nest for our nuptials?

You can give back after the wedding! Through their partnership with The Princess Project, Birdy Grey has made it crazy easy for bridesmaids to donate their gently-worn gowns to help teens in need get ready for their prom. Paying it forward FTW! 

Birdy Grey Sage Gown Dress:

Head to birdygrey.com to shop now!

Follow Birdy Grey on IG to check out all the chic stuff they’ve got for you and your chickies!

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We partnered Birdy Grey to share some of cutest and cheep-est bridesmaids dresses around! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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