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TFW Monique Lhuillier Is Behind Your Bridesmaids Dresses

TFW Monique Lhuillier Is Behind Your Bridesmaids Dresses Photo from:

When a bridesmaid says ‘yes’ to standing beside her best friend, sister, cousin, on her best day ever, she basically understands that she’s committing to whatever the bride wants for the long haul (within reason, of course - bridezillas be warned!). That includes fashion, of course; she knows she’ll wear a bridesmaids dress and she’ll try her best to grin and bear it, in the name of bestiehood. Not saying that we don’t love bridesmaids dresses, we obviously do, but a bridesmaids dress doesn’t exactly have the greatest reputation to precede it. Some iteration of tulle, chiffon, crepe, silk or satin, in a color that the bride is usually 100p obsessed with, and the rest of the girls are 😒 at best over. Butttt when a bridesmaid accepts the proposal, and then has her bride tell her that she’s considering Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids options for the dresses, she can breathe a sigh of relief and remember why she’s her ride or die again.

The name is synonymous with so much couture cachet.

Monique Lhuillier designs capture the essence of sophisticated luxury by provoking femininity, allure and glamour (ummm anyone remember both of Lea Michele’s wedding dresses? Her stunning ceremony ballgown and gorgeous lace after-party ensem. Yeah, they were both ML creations). Her innate sense of style is prevalent throughout her Bridesmaids collection, and every girl that glimpses a gown with her name attached to it will inevitably flippin' LOVE IT. The whimsical and playful nature of the styles make them an affordable, top choice for any bridal party. And built from the success of her bridal business, Monique’s Bridesmaids category invites each girl to experience the magical feeling of the celebrity-coveted brand IRL.

We couldn’t love the new collection more if we tried…

Not only can bridesmaids trust in dresses that (as an ensemble/group look) will slay on their BFF’s big day, they can feel confident wearing these dresses on their own. Seriously, when you look this good, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to pull the photographer aside for just a few solo or twinning snapshots… Even the bride would tell you to take advantage of your smoke show look 🙌. Wear that dress in good health and, if it so happens, a good hookup later in the night (#sorrynotsorry we said that, because single girls you do you).

TFW Monique Lhuillier Is Behind Your Bridesmaids Dresses

Not sure what we love more, the Meghan Markle style bouquets, or these blushing bridesmaids. We’ll probably have to go with the bridesmaids. Between that statement-making slit and the alternate mock high neckline, these dresses are TDF. These styles, in a kaleidoscope of colorways, are exclusive to Bella Bridesmaids.

TFW Monique Lhuillier Is Behind Your Bridesmaids Dresses

The Spring 2020 ML look is comprised of soft and modern, sexy silhouettes in serene neutrals and rich navy. Clean lines and delicate features in soft hues of whispering blue and blushing pinks sweep through the collection… and look especially good in jumpsuits and beautiful back details like these.

TFW Monique Lhuillier Is Behind Your Bridesmaids Dresses

We’re always down for mixed-and-matched moments for maids. And when you bring in a whimsical floral print opposite a soft, confident solid - you’re adding major texture and dimension to any gorgeous bridal party. Not to mention these playful bouquets, which just vibe SO well with the dresses. ((they’re Monique, too, btw))

Shop the Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids collection right now (or find a retailer where you can try them on for reals), if you’re a bridesmaid who just said yes to her bestie’s best day (and she’s returning the favor with the prettiest dress preferences for you to pick from)).


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We partnered with Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids to share some stunning new bridesmaids dresses from one of the most loved bridal brands around! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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