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One of the Best Places to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online

One of the Best Places to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online Photo Credit:

Shopping online is everything - we seriously have no idea how we would have coped without it going through the last year. As for brides, you probably feel the same way right? Shopping (for ALL the things) is a huge part of the engagement process, so being able to keep that tradition intact with amazing online fashion experiences has been incredibly important. It’s a wonderful thing that new brands have cropped up and/or pivoted to an online business model in the midst of this pandemic, but other brands have been thriving in this space for years and they have it down to a science. Dessy, the go-to for several brands in wedding and social occasion fashion, is at the top of that list, but more than just doing online wedding and bridesmaid shopping right, they’re also innovating and making sure the experience continues to be exciting. If you’re engaged and starting to explore fashion for the favorites in your life, you’ll absolutely want to bookmark Dessy and have your girls do the same!

What makes them one of the best?

A lot of things, but here are our top thoughts...

They have multiple brands, not just one to choose from.

One of the Best Places to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online Photo Credit:

Bridesmaid dresses have been around for decades, essentially as long as weddings and friendships have existed; but even so, bridesmaid dresses still have a kind of amorphous, one-size-fits-all image and reputation. It’s almost like a bridesmaid dress is a bridesmaid dress is a bridesmaid dress. When you have a variety of brands, though, you can diversify that image and highlight uniqueness. That’s exactly what Dessy does. Very similarly to a department store, Dessy stocks dresses in a variety of brands. What’s different is they're all brands designed in-house, including Alfred Sung, Jenny Packham, Lovely Bride, and more each with its own aesthetic and vibe. And there’s no need to stick to one brand or another; in fact, mixing and matching brands ends up creating an even cooler (and, dare we say, Gram-worthy) group look.

What’s also great is that when you shop bridesmaids, you see all of their styles (across brands) categorized by color. So, you can get a sense for how the designs all play and pair together. 

They were one of the firsts to launch a virtual showroom. 

One of the Best Places to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online Photo Credit:

Dessy dresses can be found in a number of retailers throughout the U.S. and the brand also has its own NYC showroom, so the team obviously has a strong sense for why bringing the crew together to try on gowns and get in some girl time is such a big deal. That understanding influenced the brand’s launch of their virtual showroom - so that brides and their ‘maids can still have a fun time designing and curating a look that makes sense for the whole squad.

Here, you can collaborate on a collection of bridesmaid dresses and accessories that you all love. All you need to do is save all your favorite styles into your Showroom and then invite your bridesmaids to view, like, and leave their comments.

They offer ready-to-ship and made-to-order options. 

One of the Best Places to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online Photo Credit:

This dual offering is major, because you can browse a huge selection (and when we say huge, we mean it) of in-stock dresses, but also peruse an equally impressive selection of special order dresses available in an expansive range of sizes and colors.

Their most popular styles, colors, and sizes are now ready to ship, which means that - when shopped - your dress will ship in just a few days, not weeks (actually, orders placed before 12PM ship the next business day). All of the ready to ship bridesmaid dresses have flat rate shipping and free returns. Yes. Free returns. 

Big picture here: 

You have so many ways to put together your bridesmaid fashion story and whatever turnaround time you’re looking to meet can be accommodated. You can find amazing resources and inspiration on their site, too, because they’ve got this online shopping sitch on lock! And one last UNBELIEVABLE asset: their Dessy Real Weddings page, where you can shop your favorite Dessy real wedding looks with a click of a button, legitimately.


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We partnered with Dessy to give you the lowdown on one of the best sites to shop for bridesmaid dresses online. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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