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Mesmerizing Mother of the Bride Fashion for Your Scaled-Down Soiree

Mesmerizing Mother of the Bride Fashion for Your Scaled-Down Soiree

To say that couples who planned to get married this year have had to contend with a serious plot change would be a laughable understatement. In reality, COVID has probably thrown THE biggest wrench ever into the wedding industry, and it’s been as hard on vendors as it has been on the soon-to-be weds. Everyone is taking a hit, but boy have we been rebounding better-than respectably. The small, intimate wedding has become such a look, and we’re all about it, as ones who have always been entranced by the allure of lowkey, deeply sentimental, and undistracted celebrations of love. And brides are doing amazing jobs of curating perfect ensems for their slenderized and social-distanced soirees, but for guests - especially those people who have gotten the bride and groom through the hardest parts of this pandemic+planning combo, fashion doesn’t have to be forgotten. We caught up with special occasion couturier, Teri Jon, for some intel on Mother of the Bride/Groom and Sister of the Bride/Groom dressing, and not only do they have some gorgeous styles for these petite special occasions, they're also showing up to support couples who’ve been affected by COVID. 

And we've all been impacted by it, so everyone qualifies! 

Teri Jon is giving away a $300 gift card - valid off their designer curated gift page - here's how to get yours:

  1. Follow @terijondresses on IG
  2. Go on www.terijon.com/gift and fill out your information.
  3. Apply your personal gift code at checkout.
  4. Share your pictures!

Just because it's a "smaller" wedding, Significantly downsized from the OG plan

... doesn’t mean that the people closest to the couple don’t have to dress up. This is a special day, no matter the extenuating circumstances; to be honest, we’re inclined to believe that given how long we have all been quarantining and doing our part to be safe and responsible, when the wedding does happen, it’ll be an even more intensely-anticipated affair [backyard or elsewhere!]. The photos from this awaited event will last forever, not only memorializing love, but capturing a tough, but triumphant time in our lives, and of course, the most important people in our crews, our mamas, our sisters, etc. deserve to look and feel their absolute best.

Mesmerizing Mother of the Bride Fashion for Your Scaled-Down Soiree

Maybe you’re opting for a microwedding or a minimony, but a Teri Jon midi dress or gown will be everything for your MOB, MOG (Mother of the Groom), sister or sister-in-law. We’re adoring all the floral-printed pieces and the georgette fabrics that feel amazing in these warm and sunny months, but lace and floral appliqué are likewise stunning - and utterly flattering for your more mature mamas.

Who wouldn’t want their mother to be this excited?!

"When I first came across the brand Teri Jon, I was so excited to try on the dresses and see how they fit. Most of the Teri Jon dresses are cut from a size 2 to a size 20, and the brand prides itself on formal dresses that actually fit correctly for any body type!" ~ Sassy Red Lipstick

"It’s not very often that a dress takes your breath away, but when I first laid eyes on this stunning gown from Teri Jon, I was left utterly speechless! Every meticulous detail – from the beaded collar to the embroidered underlay – makes this dress the ultimate pick for any summer soiree." ~ The Minted Mama

Mesmerizing Mother of the Bride Fashion for Your Scaled-Down Soiree

Support during these challenging times.

Like we said before, couples who have been dealing with a wedding in the midst of these unprecedented times haven’t had it easy - by any stretch of the imagination. But we’re so thankful for brands like Teri Jon that exist and are bringing smiles back to all the brides [and grooms] who’ve been waiting a long time for this special day. Again, if you (and your wedding) have been affected by COVID-19 in any way, you’re eligible for a Teri Jon gift card valued at $300. Whether your wedding was postponed or you’ve gone through financial hardships in the aftermath of COVID-related rejiggering, everyone qualifies, because we’re all in this together.

Teri Jon was founded on the principle that "A woman's body is a gift, and her clothing is the wrapping." It is with this guiding tagline that, to this day, Rickie Freeman designs her dresses with the goal of dressing women in quality clothing that make them look and feel proud and beautiful. And since it’s Christmas in July, it’s just so fitting!!

Shop now with your squad and take advantage of Teri Jon’s generosity!


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We partnered with special occasion couturier Teri Jon to share this wonderful giveaway with you. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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