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How to Reuse the Robes You’ve Accumulated By Being a Bridesmaid

How to Reuse the Robes You’ve Accumulated By Being a Bridesmaid

Speaking as a former bridesmaid, I’ve gotten quite a few getting-ready robes, and I’ve loved them all. Not only is it such a relief to realize that you don’t have to slum it in yoga pants and a tank while you’re glamming up in the morning, you also have something to throw on the next day… you know, in case things transpire with another single at the wedding… instead of having to haul ass through your walk of shame in your bridesmaid dress from the night before. YIKES! But when you’ve been a maid in multiple celebrations, it’s a very real thing to end up with a closet full of robes (not just the dresses) and not know what the hell to do with them all. Well, first of all, we’ll walk you through it - it’s a piece of cake to rewear the s*** out of these styles again (especially if they come from a place called Sincerely Sofi Designs) - but secondly, take a breath and remember who gave them to you. Your girls. The ones who asked you to be such huge parts of their days, the ones who made sure they thought of all your preferences when they were picking out YOUR robe, in particular. So, before you even consider cleaning out your closets and finding new homes for those relics of your bridesmaid roles past, PLEASE let us give you some ideas.

But before tips, let’s first remove any preconceived notions that these robes are some kind of regular(s).

Because they’re not. Each romantic robe is designed in-house and made with ALL the love in Los Angeles, CA. They use only the softest fabrics, in a variety of colors and prints to perfectly match any squad style. And as much as those getting ready shots look 👌👌👌 when every girl is wearing #twinning gear, we actually really appreciate it when a bride spends the time vetting each robe for each of her sisters.

With Sincerely Sofi Designs, maids have options, from floral prints (which I’m always all for) to solid-colored jersey styles, and everything can be personalized or monogrammed, too. Bride and bridesmaid work, of course, but we love it when brides go a step further and use cute nicknames, because that makes them even more of staple materials/you can’t get rid of them, they’re vintage paraphernalia from your fun days (not like you don’t have them now…)!

about the robes that've taken up residence in your cloz…

This is how we see them having repeat performances.

Festival Fire.

How to Reuse the Robes You’ve Accumulated By Being a Bridesmaid

Newly-dropped and not only so appropriate for bridesmaiding, the Lyric Robe can be re-rocked for future festival seasons. Worn over jeans and a white tee, like a kimono, the robe can have a totally new life with a pair of sunnies, a fedora, and some super cute sandals.

Not to mention, if you’re a maid in many weddings, chances are you don’t always have the same friend circles. So! What was once worn as a friend’s bridesmaid getting-ready robe, can be worn as boho awesome pool wear for a future bachelorette in Palm Springs or the like. 🤫 no one needs to know that you’re recycling!

Boudoir Turn Up.

All of the robes that SSD does are super romantic and luxurious, so why wouldn’t you want to squeeze every last bit of sexy out of them? Especially when S.O.s never really get to see those getting ready clothes of yours. They usually end up thrown in a ball at the end of the night. That’s why we love using any one of the especially decorative robes as boudoir/shower props. Your guy or girl at home will def appreciate it! Plus, every woman feels on point when she gets out of the shower, shaves her legs, and puts on her makeup while she’s wearing something silky and seductive. Those terry cloth towels and/or plushy bathrobes just have GOT TO GO!

New Mama Modern Comfort.

How to Reuse the Robes You’ve Accumulated By Being a Bridesmaid

For real, the robe that I wore for my sister’s wedding? I've already dubbed it as my next hospital/baby robe. Because it was sassy and sweet and photographed flawlessly. Not saying that any new mama needs to feel like she has to impress anyone, straight out the delivery room, BY FAR, but if she can feel like an elevated version of herself, confident, pretty, and damn excited to be someone’s mommy, then she should wear that robe, and wear it well. This is what we see happening with those simple, understated jersey robes that are incredibly soft and comfortable. Makes total sense!

Seriously, how insanely cute do these ‘second act’ ensems sound for your already-fabulous robes? Check out Sincerely Sofi Designs on Etsy, or visit their site for a closer look at all their whimsical designs. We’re obsessed!


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We partnered with Sincerely Sofi Designs to bring you a whole new outlook on all of those getting-ready gifts you've gotten over the years. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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