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6 Things Bridesmaids Will Be Down for on the Morning of the Wedding

6 Things Bridesmaids Will Be Down for on the Morning of the Wedding

We’ve realized a lot over the past five months spent staying home and social distancing, one of which being that it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world (in fact, very far from it) to stay in active wear forever. They look good, they feel good, it’s just a mood - point blank, and something tells me that when life goes “back to normal,” no one’s really going to be missing the days that weren’t comfy casual. So, we caught up with a brand that was literally born out of a woman’s need to go braless, JJ Winks, and they’ve given us a whole new perspective on bridal loungewear that you’ll wear for the morning [of the wedding] and all the days after. Whether you’ll be getting ready to wed with a small group of your best girls or saving the big wedding morning for the future - when COVID-19 isn’t still wreaking havoc - you can be sure you and your squad have a more-than special AM with your JJs on…

Not going to lie, even before this global healthcare crisis, I embraced yoga pants as my end-all be-all article of clothing #millennialmomwhatup. But then the pandemic happened and it furthermore nursed this feeling that sleep and loungewear are life. You can’t argue with that, right? Pajamas and athleisure = 🙌🙌🙌


Well, then we thought about weddings and how the morning of, in the bridal suite, is such a rite of passage. Brides and their maids blast a girl power playlist, they pour mimosas, and they twin in meticulously-matching outfits until the ceremony. Sure, bridal parties are still doing floral robes or coordinating cami sets with “BRIDE” and “BRIDESMAID” emblazoned on their backs, but what if there was a comfier, cuter way to go about it?

We’re thinking something like this.

Because your bridesmaids love and adore you, they’ll put up with all of your s*it and then complain about it behind your back JK; the least you can do is love them back hard and make sure they’re well rested, well toasted, well dressed, and well thanked on the day you say “I Do.”

6 Things Bridesmaids Will Be Down for on the Morning of the Wedding

Morning sips


Mimosas, bellinis, bloodys or it didn’t happen. It’s as easy as that.

Getting ready looks that don’t scream bridesmaid


Yes, we do, we love BFFFFFF bridal parties and all the selfies and group shots that come out of a wedding morning. That said, is it wrong that we’re kind of over the basic silk satin robes that have been a thing for the better part of the last decade? I see satin robes and I don’t even think sexy anymore, I just think bridesmaid. Bleh! That’s why we’re so excited about JJ Winks’ take on this uniform trend. Solid colors, chic styling, no unnecessary monogramming - it all works.

A glam squad that gets it done


I’ll speak from experience when I say that a multi ⭐ ⭐⭐ glam squad goes a long way for keeping your girl team happy on the morning of your wedding. Whether they’re a little hungover and puffy-eyed from the rehearsal dinner or feeling a tiny bit of PTSD from the last wedding they were in, when their hair looked beehive-ish at best, your girls will so appreciate a morning makeover that has them looking and feeling their best.

6 Things Bridesmaids Will Be Down for on the Morning of the Wedding

Dresses that flatter


… And to follow up on that “looking and feeling their best,” the hair and makeup don’t matter all that much if your ladies don’t love the rest of their look. That means you’ll want to go with a dress or dresses that do the most for your maids and give them all the confidence.

A gift that won’t go in the garbage (come on they’re your girls, they’re gold)


That’s a hard thing to do, too, with bridesmaid gifts - a lot of time, the present ends up being a one and done kind of deal. Not with JJs. Their whole mission grew from a desire for better sleepwear, and it evolved into the creation of a whole new category of sleepwear/loungewear that women are wearing everywhere and not just in the house. With their wedding collections, they’re doing the same thing - letting bridesmaids shine on the special day, and treating them to a gift that keeps on giving. Understated hues with timeless elegance and no cutesy or immature designs ensure that these versatile pieces can be worn in and out of the bedroom, around the house, and all over the place - dressed up or dressed down, the cozy comfort goes with ‘em!

Pictures worthy of the post.


The Light Hug® in all of their tops and nightgowns provide camouflage all day so no bra is necessary. Their detachable straps make them easy to remove without damaging hair and makeup. They are adjustable for an added feature and luxuriously buttery soft, courtesy of their Modal® fabric. Best of all, JJs are designed to fit and flatter.

Their bottoms have a “no muffin top” waistband and a slimming ribbed side panel, so top-to-bottom, you and your bridal party can feel gorgeous, sophisticated, and serenely pampered.

Not the mention, all those Gram pics will look sexy and stylish - not like any one of your crew is flashing her headlights… The only spotlight (not headlight) is on you, bridey girl!

6 Things Bridesmaids Will Be Down for on the Morning of the Wedding

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We partnered with JJ Winks to give brides a perfect idea for those gifts for the girls (the bridesmaids AND their tatas). As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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