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20 Bridesmaid Photos You Need to Have On Your Shot List

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Maybe it’s because I’m currently bridesmaid-ing in three weddings - one in September, one in October, and one in January - but I’ve been doing a lot of photographer stalking to see what kinds of group shots look good. Granted, I’m not part of any huge bridal parties (Sept - 5 people; October - 11 people (so maybe that’s a lie); January - 8 people), but I want to have a bunch of ideas at the ready, just in case my brides need a hand curating their shot lists.

Bridesmaids in White
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I remember how stressful that was when I got married in 2014, so now with a few more years of wedding wisdom under my belt, I think I can pseudo get it right. And the bridesmaid crew captures are definitely some of the 💰📷, so it helps to know what kinds of poses and staging work for those - to get those epic photos.

Group Hug
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Otherwise, you can end up with some super uncomfortable pics that aren’t exactly cute. A few weeks before my wedding, my cousin posted a link to my timeline (well, it was a wall at that time) of something like 15 of the weirdest bridal party pics ever, and joked that the rest of my b-maids would hate her for even alluding to some of these awkward AF scenarios. I literally died seeing some of these shots… standing in the bathtub, flashing some festive panties, wading in lake water, while simultaneously ruining their bridesmaid dresses, seriously they really took the cake for WTF-ness.

Bridesmaids holding hands
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So, now, 4 years later, I’m going to return the favor to my lovely cousin - who will be my sister-in-law come January (do we have a why hooking up with someone at the wedding could turn into marriage post?? I gotta work on that…) - but instead of sending her what not to do. I’m going to send her all the shots that show I ❤️ her so much!

Also including some MOH magic in this, too, because my sister and I can never get a good pic together. It’s time we end that pitiful precedent. 

Before all the pics, though, here are just a few tips for gorgeous squad shots. Ladies, take note!

  • Make sure you prop game is on point. I failed MISERABLY when it came to having cute dress hangers and pretty robes for the morning of my wedding. Literally, didn’t have either. And these things are kind of necessary nowadays. We know where you can find some for the perfect getting ready shot.

  • Be silly. Be you. That means if your girls go nuts for queso, then get them some queso!! ((or shirts that are just as cheesy 😉)) If you’re all cowgirl crazy, then whip out those boots! And dance. Always, always dance.

  • Get to know each other BEFORE the big day. Look, these pics are going to be prized for a long time, SO it’s up to the bride and the girls to make sure you’re vibing before the vows. Go out for drinks, become texting buddies, make it a mission to become besties (or at least believable frenemies) at the bach bash. All for the love of stunning sister-like snaps at the wedding.

  • Have a huddle before the photographer gets there. Yes, spontaneous, candid shots are always great - sooo much less forced, and usually adorable. But, it’s also good to have a decent enough rundown of all the shots the bride wants to get. You know, just to strategize the staging. What sides each girl prefers, #leftsidesthebestside. 

Bridesmaids dancing around cactus Photo Credit:

And now, without further ado, some of the most baller bridesmaid photos ever.

Bridesmaids jumping on the bed Photo Credit:

Dresses and Florals Before the Wedding Photo Credit:

Happy bridesmaids lounging in bed Photo Credit:

Cheers with the bride and bridesmaids Photo Credit:

After this we're getting queso Photo Credit:

Getting ready to see the bride for the first time Photo Credit:

Putting on the bride's shoes and garter Photo Credit:

Bridal party in dwarf mode Photo Credit:

Bridesmaids looking at bride and mom Photo Credit:

MOH Making Final Adjustments to the bride Photo Credit:

Hugs before the wedding Photo Credit:

bridesmaids-in-the-background Photo Credit:

Shot with the Man of Honor Photo Credit:

Final prep talk from your maid of honor Photo Credit:

Silly bridesmaids cupping butts Photo Credit:

Bridesmaids drinking wine Photo Credit:

Bridesmaids suspended 400 ft above ground Photo Credit:

Bridesmaids eating pizza Photo Credit:

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