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GelPro Has Some Registry Must-Haves That Will Change Your Life

GelPro Washable Rug

One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is creating your wedding registry. You get to imagine your new life together and merge both of your styles into one cohesive design that feels like home. You start with the obvious things, wine glasses, plates, etc., but there is one super important item that often goes overlooked…FLOOR COVERINGS! Think about it, you probably want at least one in every room, from the kitchen to the bathrooms and that can add up quick, so mats and rugs make perfect registry items. But where do you even start shopping and what should you look for? Well, obviously you want something cute. But mats and rugs are an investment that you want to last, so it’s also important that you get something durable and easy to clean. And what about comfort? That’s important too! We’ve found a designer that checks all the boxes, GelPro.

What We Love About GelPro

GelPro Washable Rug

You’ll never believe that these gorgeous mats are made of gel! Standing on one of these babies is seriously like walking in your favorite pair of sneakers or cuddling into the expensive memory foam pillow that you splurged on. With tons of prints to choose from, from vintage-inspired motifs to clean modern looks, they’ve got something for every style. They have all the charm of a priceless antique rug but are way less work and a fraction of the price…oh, and they’re comfortable! What’s not to love?! You can even request fabric samples so that you can be sure that every detail of your new home is on point.

Your Floor Covering Checklist

GelPro Washable Rug

With a wedding on the horizon and so many more fun events leading up to it, you’ve got your hands full. So, let us do the thinking for you, here’s a list of all of the floor coverings you’ll need for your new home. Now all that’s left to do is the fun part–picking the perfect designs to go with your place!

  • Kitchen Under-Sink Mat
  • Kitchen Runner
  • Entryway Door Mat
  • Entryway Runner
  • Bath Mat(s)
  • Bathroom Sink Runner(s)
  • Hall Runner(s)
  • Mud Room Rug
  • Laundry Room Mats(s)

Pro Tip:

Make sure you sign up for their newsletter at the bottom of their homepage to save 15% off on your first purchase! Shop their entire collection here and don’t forget to add these household essentials to your wedding registry.

The Collections


has something for every room in your house and has three separate collections to meet those specific needs. From comfort gel mats to fabric rugs that are actually machine washable, they’ve got you (and your floors) covered! Here’s what you need to know… GelPro Washable Rug

GelPro Elite

Have you ever heard of a mat with a warranty? Neither have we…until now. GelPro’s Elite series comes with a 5-year warranty! It’s as durable as it is comfortable and just as cute. Plus, they’re made in the USA with globally sourced top fabrics, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product.

Designer Comfort Mat

If you like to cook, then you absolutely need one of these! It makes hours on your feet, toiling over a homecooked meal, feel like dancing on a cloud. And, their easy-clean surface makes them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Plus, they’re an investment that will grow with you. The beveled reinforced edge won’t curl or wear down and the non-slip bottom is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute, making GelPro’s mats the safe choice for your growing family.

Nevermove Rug

Ok, so we saved the best for last…you guys, these rugs are MACHINE WASHABLE! That’s right, they look and feel just like a traditional rug, but you can literally throw them in the wash. You spill your coffee–throw it in the wash. Your dog has an accident–throw it in the wash. One day, your kid draws on it with a crayon–(you guessed it) throw it in the wash! If you’ve ever had to pay to have a rug professionally cleaned, then you know what a big deal this is. Not only will it save you a ton on cleaning expenses, it will make keeping your house clean that much easier.

Check out @gelpromats on Instagram to see all of their latest patterns.

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We partnered with GelPro to bring you this hot registry item. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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