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10 Cigar Band Engagement Rings That May Change Your Wish List

toi et moi cigar band engagement ring with pear shaped diamond Photo/Ring:

Are delicate engagement rings out? Well, not necessarily, but we are seeing an exciting new trend that may turn the tide–cigar band engagement rings! What are they? Well, like the name says, the band itself is about the same width (or wider) than the metallic band around a cigar. And while the band certainly makes a statement, opting for a cigar band engagement ring doesn’t mean forgoing the traditional diamond centerpiece. On the contrary, we find that these cigar bands double down on the size (and quantity) of the diamonds as well. We love this modern take on traditional engagement rings and how it’s more practical for everyday wear. Pair it with an equally substantial diamond eternity band or with a delicate pave band to lighten the stack. When it comes to diamonds and precious metals, you really can’t go wrong.

Still think delicate is the way to go? Check out these insanely beautiful hidden halo rings or some of our favorites for National Proposal Day!

1. Double the diamonds

toi et moi cigar band engagement ring with oval and round diamonds

We love how many of these cigar band rings feature more than one diamond. This fresh take on the tu et moi ring is so bold and modern–perfect for today’s brides.

2. Beauty and substance

oval cigar band engagement ring

The width of the band and the oval shape of the diamond soften the impact of this truly gigantic rock. It’s serving bling but not too in your face. We also love the delicate band it’s paired with.

3. Negative space

round diamond engagement ring with cigar band in yellow gold

The negative space in this cool ring is giving us all the positive vibes. This is definitely one of those engagement rings that even complete strangers will comment on.

4. Front and center

yellow gold cigar band with hex cut diamond

This unique ring has so much going for it, the hexagonal cut of the diamond and the non-traditional placement set it apart from the crowd.

5. The tie that binds

marquise cut cigar band engagement ring

Loving the symbolism in this band that’s being held together by a delicate marquise-cut diamond.

6. emerald-cut perfection

emerald cut cigar band engagement ring

Perfect for the bride who is all about minimalism and is always effortlessly chic, this emerald-cut cigar band engagement ring is modern and timeless all at once.

7. A hint of color

aquamarine cigar band engagement ring

Cigar band engagement rings aren’t just for diamond lovers, they come in all shapes, cuts, and colors. We love this Aquamarine ring by Kasia Jewelry.

8. To infinity and beyond

trillion cut diamond engagement ring with cigar band

Another one with some beautiful symbolism, two trillion cut diamonds pointing towards your past and your future merge together forever.

9. toi et moi

toi et moi pear shaped cigar band engagement ring Ring/Photo:

Two of our fave 2023 trends in one ring? Yes, please! If you're always down to try the latest trends, then this is the ring for you.

10. coast to coast

east west cigar band engagement ring Ring/Photo:

Love the East-West setting of this oval diamond, especially for a long-distance couple.

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