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Your Mother's Wedding Dress- Vintage Wedding Dresses Detroit

Vintage Wedding Dresses Detroit

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Long ago, brides would not have thought about wearing a gown other than their mother's. Over time tradition has changed. Rarely these days you will still see some altering of their gowns, or using pieces of their gowns in a new one. The tradition has slowly dwindled to near extinction. During a recent wedding, our bride Rebekah, wore her mother's wedding dress with few alterations other than size. It brought about the question for us, why don't more bride's use their mother's dresses? The number one reason brides are opposed, I am sure, is for the reason that their mother's dresses are outdated. To this I'd say, AGREED! But if your mother's dress is relatively in style (and not discolored), why not use it somehow?

wedding photographers detroit michigan

vintage wedding dresses detroit

wedding photographers detroit michigan

wedding photographers detroit michigan

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