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Your Kind of Love is Always Something to Celebrate


Davina and Austin Engagement Emma Hopp PhotoPhoto:

If someone asked you to define your ‘kind of love’ in one word, how would you describe it? To be honest, I’ve sat here for awhile trying to come up with one for my love with my hubby of nearly 4 years (fiance for 2+ years, boyfriend for 6+, and friend for 16+), and it’s tough!! But I guess I’d say that our kind of love is unreal. I’d say magical, but we already say that about our one-year-old baby ✨👶✨ - who is definitively pure magic. So I’ll go with this.

Why? Well, even after 12 years together, I still can’t believe I have someone who literally knows me better than I know myself. It’s TRULY unreal.

Taking stock in your relationship is an important thing to do every once and a while, and if you’ve just made it official with your love, just got engaged, just got married, are well into your blissful future, you can probably come up with a word or two, or three, or four, to match that chemistry you have with your special someone. And it doesn’t have to be with a human, either, 🐶🐱 count and so do your passions, hobbies, dreams. Whatever you love, you love it hard and it should be celebrated now and forever.

So, why not share it with the world?

We caught up with WeddingWire, the best place to search, compare and book over 200,000 event professionals, from venues to photographers, florists to invitationers, and purveyor of pure love, and learned about the brand’s newest #ourkindoflove campaign.

It’s as simple as it sounds: your love story is unique and that’s what make it beautiful. So whether your love is shared with a significant other, future spouse, best friend, or furry friend, it’s super special and kismet.

Through March 31, WeddingWire is asking what love means to you. And if you can take just a few minutes to describe your love, you can win big. Each share on Instagram will enter you for a chance to win one of five weekly prizes of $250! A little dough to help with “I Do,” maybe?!?!!

Davina and Austin Engagement - Emma Hopp PhotographyPhoto:

Want in? … Here’s the scoop!
  1. Upload a photo (and make sure it’s high resolution!) and tell WW what your love means to you with a custom filter overlay. They make it incredibly easy to upload your snapshot and fill in the blank. I.e. “#ourkindoflove is ….” that’s where you can get creative, heartfelt, silly, sweet, etc.

  2. Share your custom image on Instagram, and remember to tag @WeddingWire and hashtag #ourkindoflove

  3. Await some good news… by entering, you can win one of 5 weekly prizes of $250. ***Your Insta feed needs to be public to win, so just keep that in mind!***

Need some inspiration?

Our very own bride, Davina, just got married. And her love with hubby Austin, well, it’s effortless. 🙌

Your Kind of Love is Always Something to Celebrate

We’ve been busy stalking some of the entries already, and they’re too cute. Can’t wait to see you up there tooooo.


instagram postWe partnered with WeddingWire to share all the need-to-know details on their #ourkindoflove campaign. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!