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Your Bride Bestie Needs to Unbox Her #SomethingNew with Lucky Maiden


Lucky Maiden Subscription Box

Okay, for reals, how many times have you seen a ‘Does the Ring Make Me Look Engaged?’ mug and thrown up in your mouth… just a little bit? If you’re not engaged or dating anyone, glimpsing goods like this can bum a girl out REAL FAST. But only because you’re just a tad bit salty over your own status. Right? Well, try if you can, to be a little happy for the soon-to-be Mrs. and her newly-minted bridal bliss, especially if she’s one of your besties, sisters, cousins. Lucky Maiden, the brand that’s been killing it in the bridal/bridesmaid gift game, just launched a new monthly bridal subscription box - and they sponsored this to help ya’ll figure out the perfect gift for your girl, now that she’s officially off-the-market!

The mug is usually one of the first things a bride-to-be needs to start building an impressive collection of almost-married memorabilia. And after that, it’s a sweet new ring holder for that bling, bridal tees, bridal eye masks, beauty products for the blushing bride (we’re thinking nail polish in a #somethingblue shade), wine glasses or tumblers with cute wedding references - kind of a prenuptial Pokemon game - gotta catch’em all, right? So how can you start your soul sister out on her wedding journey? By hooking her up with a sweet subscription box chock full of all the bridal basics, of course. Do it secretly, too, she’ll love the surprise and appreciate your gesture in giving her permission to go full-on bride bananas.

Lucky Maiden Subscription Box

So about that box….

There are four totally talk-about-it tiers to choose from: a one-off monthly box and three, six, and 12-month subscription plans that come with serious savings - the longer the plan, the more you save. Each box is custom-curated with a selection of full-size standout bridal products (5-7 of them, to be exact) from amazing boutiques and vendors in the wedding category. Regardless of the plan you pick for your VIP, you can be sure she won’t receive anything more than once. She’ll discover new brands, products, and keepsakes that will make her countdown to unforgettable!

Lucky Maiden Subscription Box

Any hints about what’s inside?

Of course not!! The contents of the box are secret, because it’s special that way! But we can tell you a litttttle something something. Every box promises a plethora of bath and body essentials, bridal tees, bridal-themed makeup and tote bags, jewelry, wedding accessories, planning essentials, bachelorette party items, gifts for bridesmaids, coffee mugs & stemware. And the ladies at Lucky Maiden are constantly unveiling new finds to help future brides plan, celebrate, and pamper themselves leading up to the big day. So, rest assured, she’ll be spoiled and some. If you’re still curious, just have a look at the rest of the shoppable merch on-site. It’s TDF!!!

Lucky Maiden Subscription Box

A promo for our favorite peeps!

To celebrate their latest launch and kick off wedding season, Lucky Maiden is treating our readers to a little discount, just because 😘. Get $5 off your first box by entering ‘LUCKY5’ @ checkout. Pretty sweet deal, so subscribe now!

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We partnered with Lucky Maiden to unbox all of the deets on this brand-new subscription box for brides. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!