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You Can Blame Love Ophelia for Those Cute Bridal Party Pics

Love Ophelia Getting Ready Rompers in Mint and Blush

A few months ago, we were going over some of the best bridal party shots we’ve seen in a while, and realized just how many of them included some sort of girl squad dress code - a robe, a PJ set, bathing suits (if the bridal suite just happened to have a pool out back, NBD). It’s almost like without the getting-ready getups, did the wedding morning even happen?! Obvi it did and it does, but without the ladies in pretty-looking loungewear, the whole picture feels like it’s lacking. So, we’ll make a bold statement by saying that if you want those epic bridesmaids photos, you besstttt not forget about those wearable gifts for your girls. Luckily, we’re pretty tight with a brand that’s had loungewear on lock since 2011, and we’re pretty sure Love Ophelia is personally responsible for all the best party pics currently out there on the Gram.

You can soooo feel the love

Just to recap, Love Ophelia is a loungewear line for brides and gals who love love. Launched nearly 10 years ago, by CEO Kristi Glowski, Love O is proudly woman-owned, operated, and minted in sunny California. The company culture and overall vibe at Love Ophelia is to uplift women, help them love on their squads, and encourage them not only to dream, but turn intention into action. Love O believes in being super cozy while you conquer the world.

And robes aren’t the only option 

Love Ophelia Gatsby Rompers in Mint White and Blue

Yes, robes have become the go-to for most brides to gift their tribe, but they’re not the only choice. Love Ophelia has some of the prettiest robes around, and we’re ALL about the amount of colors and prints they all come in - in addition to the silkier selections for the bride herself. Buttttt, what we’re really into are their rompers. 

Available in literally a 🌈of shades - to match any wedding color palette - these one-pieces are so cute and soooo fun. We thought of a few other reasons why you might be obsessed with them, too

Love Ophelia Serendipity Robes in Mint

They feel a little more playful. 

 LBH, robes are ridiculously royal-feeling - they definitely make any occasion feel super special, if you’re wearing one. But they’re also a little more uniform-feeling. TOTALLY okay if that’s the look you’re going for, polished and pristine, but rompers feel a bit more youthful, relaxed, and like you’re ready to party. Not to mention, they kind of allow their wearers to show off more of their personality.

           They’re more comfortable to wear in front of the camera.

Hayley Paige Doing Handstand in Love Ophelia RomperPhoto Credit:

Whether you’ve got undies going on underneath or are going commando, you can’t help but feel like robes are more intimate, right? And if you have a few girls who are a bit more camera shy, they might not feel 100p comfortable having their pic taken with just a robe on. That’s why a romper is fab. Especially if you want some of those candid shots like this - #handlingthathandstand.

They come in handy for post-wedding hookups.

Once the booze is flowing and the dance floor is poppin’, wedding night hookups can happen. And a newly-gifted romper can certainly come in clutch for a sleepover situation… just sayin’!! Your secret’s safe with us 🤐

Love Ophelia Gatsby Rompers in Mint Ivory and Blue

Romper or not, Love Ophelia has the goods for those 👌 photos

"The robes came! OMG they are so beautiful. Seriously even more gorgeous in person. Thank you so so much. I can’t wait to give my girls these. Going to get the best photos!!!! Every bride needs these!” ~ Chelsea Roe, real life bride

They’ve also got a coupon code

Share the love with your best girls with 20 percent off when you use code “WCLOVEO” @ checkout. Shop now!! 


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