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Yes, You Can Make Your Engagement Diamond Look Bigger

Yes, You Can Make Your Engagement Diamond Look BiggerPhoto Credit:

Okay, sooo, yes, these days, engagement rings are getting all the likes for reasons that go well beyond the sizes of their stones - BUT, can we be truthful for a minute? What woman hasn’t looked at a megawatt diamond and wondered “umm, yah, I’ll take one of those, why not?” We have, for sure. There’s something damn right delicious about a decadently-sized diamond, and it’s nothing to be ashamed to admit that you want when it comes time for that all-important ask. It doesn’t even have to do with brag-worthiness, either, you could just crave a colossal diamond because you want to ensure major sparkle or have it balance better on your ring finger. In any case, for whatever reason you need it, you should have it. We spoke with Diamondere, a family-run brand that spent the earliest part of its 125-year legacy delighting celebrities, dignitaries, and royals, to see what makes a diamond look bigger - and their team gave us ALL the goods. So, if you’re a little bit of a sizeist, don’t worry, you’ll just want to pass these prereqs along to your person and then forget that you did 🤫.

what Diamondere thinks about the size decision

“It is only natural that when you buy a diamond or receive it, you want it to sparkle. Especially if you’re the one who is buying the diamond ring, with all the energy and expense that goes into making the purchase, you want it to look as impressive and large as possible. Though you may love the shape, design and clarity of your diamond ring (and know he or she will as well), there are ways that you can make the stone look larger and catch more eyes…”

So what can your partner do to ensure that your diamond delivers in wow-factor?

Consider these five things:

  • Cut - choose a brilliant cut diamond versus a cushion cut diamond

  • Shape - select an elongated or oval-central diamond

  • Setting - halos, side stones and slender prongs will make a diamond look bigger

  • Metallic color - the band should be made of a bright, white metal

  • Size - the band should be as slim as possible

Cut is key and so is shape 

Yes, You Can Make Your Engagement Diamond Look BiggerShop fancy cuts:

The ‘biggest’ thing to keep in mind when buying an engagement ring or diamond ring, is the cut of the stone. Cushion cuts are probably the most common, but they’re also the most expensive. Most of their carat weight lies below the surface making it difficult to clearly see how large the stone is. By choosing a fancy cut such as an elongated oval or a round stone, with proper, well-defined angles, will not only appear larger, it’ll also be even more beautiful and lustrous. 

Yes, You Can Make Your Engagement Diamond Look BiggerShop now:

The setting and the 'extras' can amplify the size 

Yes, You Can Make Your Engagement Diamond Look BiggerShop Now:

When choosing a design, opt for slender prongs that will accentuate your stone and not steal the spotlight. The more of the diamond’s surface area that is visible, the larger the stone will appear. Going for a halo setting around the central stone is another, inexpensive way to make your diamond look bigger than it might already be. The halo is usually made up of very small diamonds, which can provide the perfect, glistening fringe for the star, the central diamond. Along with that, a cluster of side stones around a larger diamond will immediately draw one’s eye in and render the illusion of a brighter, more prominent stone.

A colorless counterpart [in the band] works best. 

Yes, You Can Make Your Engagement Diamond Look BiggerShop other white gold bands:

When it comes to the colored band to set the diamonds in, always choose a white metal like white gold or platinum. The reflective, white surface of these metals acts as a mirror and tricks the eye into thinking the diamond is bigger than it actually is. Think about decorating a house, the first tip any designer will give you in home décor is to leverage mirrors to make a space look bigger. The while metal does exactly the same thing for a diamond!

The smaller the band, the bigger the bling

Yes, You Can Make Your Engagement Diamond Look BiggerShop Engagement Rings:

Following suit with everything that’s already been said, the smaller the details are around the central diamond, the bigger the stone will look. This applies to prongs, halo diamonds, and also the thickness of the ring band. A very thick band can overshadow the diamond, but setting the stone in a thin, delicate band will guarantee the diamond is what is noticed first. For maximum effect, choose a pinched shank band which tapers near the center to let the stone shine. 

Yes, You Can Make Your Engagement Diamond Look BiggerShop Engagement Rings:

Oh! And remember! Don’t sacrifice quality for size 

A high-quality stone will always look stunning, no matter the size, so you’ll want to make sure not to compromise on the quality of the stone simply to increase its size. The question here often becomes: what is the lowest grade of diamond a proposer should consider using in an engagement ring? The answer is: one of clarity VS2, color G-H, and an ‘excellent’ grading when it comes to cut, polish and symmetry with zero fluorescence. Also, don’t settle for a stone with anything but a GIA or IGI certification. These jewelry credentials will ensure that your diamond looks its best and offers value for money.

Pretty genius counsel, right? Yeah, well, that’s just what Diamondere does. 

… Along with custom designing the most stunning fine jewelry around. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, oh my! If you’re on the hunt for a rockstar diamond that stacks up (in size), you’ll want to shop now, go ahead and try! 

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