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WTOO by Watters Pink Collection



Looking for a little slice of classic Americana on your wedding day? Then we suggest giving the WToo by Watters new Pink Collection a look. Their classic silhouettes have a chic, fun and fresh new life into about them that have been inspired by YOU! Your real-life romance fuels their passion to give you the perfect day, and that perfect day starts with a wedding dress.

Keep scrolling to see more of this WToo by Watters Pink Collection and be sure to check out the full gallery for the whole collection.  The collection will be released mid-December.



Inspiration behind the collection:

The new Wtoo by Watters collection is perfectly named, “Think Pink.” Inspired by the sisterhood of true friendship, the new collection is filled with shades of blush, floral flourishes, and sharp tailoring.

Quote on the location of the shoot:

The “Think Pink” collection was shot in a bright, colorful hotel located in Los Angeles. The vibrant location speaks to the lively nature of the Wtoo by Watters collection. The campaign features longtime Watters model, Nicole Kaspar, who got engaged at our Fall 2018 runway show while wearing a Wtoo gown. For Spring 2019, Nicole stars in our campaign alongside two of her real-life bridesmaids.