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Would you ditch the diamond for a flower in your ring?


snow meadow botanist ring

Are you a hippie at heart? Do you reject corporate standards? Well, we've found your ring. Analog has an option for you. It's a botanist ring and it's actually really cool. It's kind of mesmerizing like staring at a Bonsai Tree or other really cool tiny things like dollhouse furniture or Tiny Kitchen on Instagram. Apologies in advance, because I've probably just wasted two hours of your day if you go down the rabbit hole of that Instagram account. Dammit, I freaking love tiny things.

lavender field botanist ringvibrant flurry botanist ring

This ring is definitely only for a certain few, but it is so damn cute and it would be an adorable bridesmaid gift. The only big bummer is that it only comes in a size 6 & 7. If these babies don't fit your mitts, worry not because Analog has also made a watch with REAL flowers too! 

a watch with REAL flowers or moss

If you're a flower lover, botanist enthusiast or just a proponent of plants, be sure to check out all Analog has to offer. They guys over there seem pretty cool and they really love nature. Speaking of nature, did you know these flowers are straight up poison and here are some fun things you can do outside as a couple.

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