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With Pashion Footwear, Brides Can Say Buh-bye to the Backup Shoes


With Pashion Footwear, Brides Can Say Buh-bye to the Backup Shoes

There are sooo many things that you (and your partner, of course) have to figure out before your wedding day, but deciding what to wear on your feet? Consider that one of the most mind-rattling challenges. A great pair of heels that you’ve been stalking on social and ‘adding to cart’ 12,000 times without actually going through with the purchase is definitely where we direct our attention first, but then the idea of comfort comes into play and even those headlined as “the comfiest'' don't really pan out. So, backup shoes become a necessity, and you end up having two pairs of shoes—neither of which you’re really all that 100 percent behind. Oh, it’s a tale as old as time, but on your wedding day, that narrative has to be different. You deserve shoes with style, sensibility, and a streamlined silhouette and Pashion Footwear has ‘em in the brand’s signature convertible heels.

On your big day, there’s nothing more important than soaking in every second

Don’t let sore feet be one of those defining moments.

With Pashion Footwear, Brides Can Say Buh-bye to the Backup Shoes

When walking down the aisle, the last thing that should be on your mind is how much your feet hurt (some of the firsts? How insanely good-looking your guy or girl is at the end of the aisle, how excited you are to finally be wearing your dress, and how much you’re looking forward to tearing things up at the reception). And the issue with most wedding heels is that they lack arch support to properly support the feet. That’s where Pashion Footwear comes in: They’ve revolutionized heels by creating the first fully convertible high heel. The heels are comfortable to begin with, but within seconds they can be transformed from stilettos to flats in just seconds.

We’re all in for all these reasons

With Pashion Footwear, Brides Can Say Buh-bye to the Backup Shoes
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The bridal collection features wedding high heels in so many ‘I do’ iterations

From blingy, rhinestone renditions to mother of pearl pretties, whether you’re getting married on the beach, in a barn, or at a church, you can be sure your shoe fits for the occasion. In 3’’ and 4’’ inch heights, respectively.

The colors available have so much range—like, literally

Pashion shoes come in a plethora of colors, including classic hues like sand, latte, and white. And there's also an amazing Nude Suite to match every bride's unique skin tone! But if you want to embrace #somethingblue or a trendy coupling of orange heels, you can do that too. Boho or bold, traditional or trend-forward, romantic or whimsical, whatever ‘brand’ of bride you are, you’ll find a shoe to slip into. 

With Pashion Footwear, Brides Can Say Buh-bye to the Backup Shoes

They eliminate the need for backups 

As soon as you start preparing for your wedding day with flip flops, fancy flats, or ethereal sandals on reserve, you’re kind of subconsciously backing down on your dream wedding heels. But knowing that you have a built-in, super comfy second act with these shoes can raise the bar (or should we say block?) on your heel-wearing confidence.

The post-vows switch is a cinch 

Which means you can strut off the aisle and rush to post-ceremony photos with sooo much ease. While most brides have to run off for a few minutes to swap out their heels for a more comfortable pair of flats, Pashion helps brides make the switch within seconds. So, Maids/Matrons of Honor have the night off 👍. The beautifully-relaxed wedding shoes are made with removable Stelo™ high heel structure support, detachable heel kits, and flexible soles. This allows classic wedding heels to turn into cute real-deal flats while still offering much-needed comfort and arch support.

With Pashion Footwear, Brides Can Say Buh-bye to the Backup Shoes
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The ‘change up’ goes down flawlessly

You can customize your single pair of wedding shoes by playing with Pashion’s patent-pending Stelo™ technology that creates the needed structure for a heel when it’s inserted. When removed, the memory foam midsole provides flat arch support - more than most flats on the market for extra comfort. So, once you’ve ceremonied in stiletto heels and then gone flat for photos and dancing, you can make your entrance at the after-party with a new heel type. The rhinestone block heels add just the right amount of sparkle and shine for post-reception festivities… Just sayin!

… And as the bride, you just need a cute clutch or decked-out minaudière to keep all of your pieces, together, in one place!

With Pashion Footwear, Brides Can Say Buh-bye to the Backup Shoes

Wedding Shoe Goals for Days

"I can't wait to wear these for every single wedding I have coming up, including my own. They are beautiful and easy to convert back and forth between heels and flats." ~ Andrea B.

"They are perfect, look exactly like the photos... and the transition from heel to flat is flawless. Cannot believe I waited this long to find them! Never going back. So comfortable and an ingenious idea. Wearing for my wedding and then everything after that. Can't wait to mix and match with different heels." ~ Tiffany C.

"I purchased these for my wedding. I never knew a heel could be so comfortable! The padding that goes almost all the way to the top of the toe really is a game-changer... I thought they would be strange to walk in as flats, but they really do flatten out quite nicely. I am trying to convince my bridesmaids to buy a pair themselves just to know the FUN!" ~ Emily C.

"I bought these to use for my wedding and they are beautiful and amazing! Can't wait to wear these on my big day." ~ Isabel L.

"Oh my goodness, so comfortable!... I am extremely impressed and plan on ordering many more pairs. These are the PERFECT wedding shoe!!" ~ Cassidy G.

"I searched and searched for the perfect shoes for my wedding. After returning two pairs, I found Pashion. I'm so thankful!!! I plan to wear these shoes many times after our wedding. They are the most perfect heel for anyone looking for something classy, comfortable, and stable." ~ Andrea R.

With Pashion Footwear, Brides Can Say Buh-bye to the Backup Shoes
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The perfect shoe for everyone: The Mrs. Maids. Mothers. & Many Other VIPs 

Pashion is offering a bridesmaid/bridal party-targeted discount code for 15 percent off orders of 4 pairs or more, NOW THRU JANUARY 15TH 2021.  Use promo code '15WeddingChicks2021' @ checkout. 

If you've missed the promo window, email for bridal party bulk orders. And if you're ordering just one pair (to start, of course), sign up for Pashion's email and text communications for 10 percent off your first order. 

With Pashion Footwear, Brides Can Say Buh-bye to the Backup Shoes

Say “I do” to the perfect wedding shoe. Shop Pashion Footwear convertible high heels right now

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