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Winter Is Coming... Err Rather Winter Is Here In This Snowy Shoot


winter wedding photo ideas in the snow

Winter is coming... Err rather winter is here in this snowy shoot. For those of you that are not familiar with the popular HBO show Game of Thrones, we invite you to fully enjoy this wintery wonderland wedding shoot. We heart the snow especially when you throw a wedding dress into the mix. 

Anyone that is a GOT fan, yes that was a vague reference up top. Why? Well this gorgeous Utah shoot had the pleasure of hosting a Tamaskan dog as it's beautiful special guest. That's right, the same dog that GOT modeled the Starks direwolf on! And to see him in this snowy backdrop is truly magical. You can see every last shot of this wintery wedding shoot in the full gallery thanks to the talents of KC Photography and Stephanie Lorraine Photography.

white and green and blush bouquet

bride and groom in the snowBitsy Bridal wedding dresssnow day wedding shoot

bride and groom and a wedding wolf dog

wolfish wedding dogpretty snow day dog


From Bitsy Bridal: We wanted to put something beautiful together in snow. We always get excited when we get the first batch of snow in Utah. The theme we were going for is snow, a hint of vintage and dog. Ironically, the dog's name is also Snow (from Jon Snow: it's the same wolf dog that Game of Thrones uses for CGI). He's full Tamaskan and about 2 years old. Great pup! 

We chose two beaded dresses with a hint of vintage beading to them. Styled them with an opal necklace and matching earrings. The veil was gold trimmed, and the tux gives a hint of the 1920's when men wore 6 button full vests. 

We wanted the flowers to be simple, not too bright so that they went well with the snow. Our initial location didn't work out in Big Cottonwood canyon since they don't allow dogs, so we chose Milcreek. There's plenty of canyons to shoot in Utah. 

romantic and chilly wedding photos

quite snow day wedding shootworking with animals is fun

bride groom and dog in the snow

wedding makeup ideaclassic curled wedding hair idea

dancing in the snowcute bride and groom photo idea

To get a closer look at this winter is coming winter wedding shoot check out the wedding film Forevermore Films created below!

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