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Wine Country Wedding Venues: Viansa Winery A Sonoma Classic

Wine Country Wedding Venues: Viansa Winery A Sonoma Classic

Photography by: Catherine Hall

About the Venue

Many people do not realize how large the "Wine Country" is. The distance between the majestic sights of Sonoma's coastal wineries and the heart of Napa Valley can be a gorgeous drive of over 40 miles, where you pass through over 15 different wine growing regions each with its own micro-climate and soil variations. This is why, as event planners, we love it. The diversity is awesome and if you are have a destination bride, there is no limit to the options available to you as far as wedding venues, rehearsal, and all manner of activity.
A wine country wedding can resemble everything from a French hillside village (Auberge du Soleil) to a gorgeous Italian stone farmhouse (Jacuzzi Family Vineyards) or a Tuscan villa (Viansa Winery).
The magical celebration pictured above is courtesy of Catherine Hall and she has captured the essence of Viansa perfectly. As your guests share a bottle of Viansa's signature single vineyard Barbera, they will feel magically transported to a village in Tuscany as they look out over the sun-kissed vineyards.
Viansa has put hours of thought into how to make your wedding celebration intimate while spoiling you in all the grandeur they can. Indoor, outdoor, or any combination of the two, you can envision your choice. The courtyard is my favorite ceremony location: the stone terraced gardens that surround the courtyard immerse you in the feeling of a Tuscan village while one of the exclusive catering partners will tantalize your tastebuds with the flavors of the Italian country side. The shade created by the imported Italian cypress trees and stone pines cast the perfect amount of filtered light onto the terracotta walls of the villa, making the Italian marble detailing "pop" and creating a gorgeous and unique background arch as you find your poetic muse to exchange vows.