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Win A Trip To Sonoma, California


Thanks to our friends at Fortessa, Williams-Sonoma and The Fairmont, we were recently invited to visit Sonoma, California where we partook in a little wine and dine tour of the beautiful city. We stayed at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn, relaxed by their pool, (which by the way has speakers underwater) enjoyed delicious food, toured a vineyard and basically experienced the best Sonoma has to offer.
Sounds amazing ... right? Well ... prepare to experience all of that yourself. Because we want you to WIN this exact trip for two to Sonoma, California and experience an idyllic stay in Sonoma Valley. Again here is what you can win:

your grand prize includes

Domestic airfare for two
3 day/2 night stay at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa VIP tour & cooking class at the original Williams-Sonoma store VIP tour & wine tasting at Silver Oak Vineyard
2 dinners at some of Sonoma's finest restaurants

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa @weddingchicks

3 day/2 night stay at the fairmont sonoma mission inn & spa

The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn property was impeccable and truly luxurious. One of those resorts where you feel you can only go to if you are celebrity status. The entire staff was ultra friendly and would bend over backwards to ensure you had everything you needed. The bartender even sent us a bottle of champagne to our room just because. We're not saying that happens to everyone, but who knows maybe it does?
The pools were top notch! You might run into the Kardashians hanging poolside type fancy. All their pools are blessed by natural mineral hot springs. If you relax in one for a few minutes,  your skin feels like you bathed in a pound of coco butter and exfoliated for 24 hours straight. Yes ... you need to visit and yes you can ENTER HERE TO WIN before January 31, 2016 and experience all this for FREE.


vip tour and cooking classes at the original williams-sonoma store

This is the original Williams Sonoma store that opened back in 1956, when Chuck Williams purchased a small Sonoma hardware shop and converted into a store for passionate home cooks. Now, they’re thrilled to reopen that original location as a landmark store and cooking school.
The store and property is gorgeous and must see for anyone visiting Sonoma and a Williams-Sonoma fan. ENTER HERE TO WIN before January 31, 2016

Wine Country Vineyard Silver Oak

vip tour & wine tasting at silver oak vineyard

For all of you wine lovers out there, this trip is for you. See first hand how your beloved beverage is actually made at Silver Oak . The vineyards look just like they do in all the photos except a zillion times prettier, and just being their and smelling and tasting all the love that goes into a bottle of wine is truly a once in a lifetime experience. ENTER HERE TO WIN before January 31, 2016

Sonoma, California resteraunts @ weddingchicks

2 dinners at some of Sonoma's finest restaurants

After the trip, we had to limit our food intake for about five days. Only because everything we were served was one of those Oh Em Gee I cannot pass this up, it looks and tastes so good moments in your life. We were not sure when we were going to have celebrity chefs cooking right in front of us again. So, of course we had to eat every last bite. As will you when you when your Idyllic stay in Sonoma Valley. ENTER HERE TO WIN before January 31, 2016
All of this goodness is a sponsored by Fortessa. Look on the bottom of your plates when you are in a fancy hotel sometime. We bet they are Fortessa.