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Wild Wedding Bouquet

forage floral bouquet @weddingchicks

We're totally loving this amazing bouquet from Forage Florals. Filled with rich textures and soft colors, it's the perfect wild bouquet for your wedding day. Bonus: you can also easily personalize it with flowers from your area! Find the full recipe below, and don't forget your silk ribbons!

Bouquet Recipe

USA GROWN flowers only.
Peony, White Cloud Garden Roses, Amaryllis, Astilbe, Merletto Carnations, Scabiosa, Astranthia, California Buckwheat, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Queen Anne's Lace.
Bouquet making tips:  Don't be afraid to forage responsibly for items to add to your bouquets.  I am always testing native foliage from my surrounding landscape.  For me, using what is growing around me always gives the bouquets a more personal feel.

Wild Wedding Bouquet @weddingchicks

Photography: Christine Doneé Flower: Forage Florals Silk Ribbons: May Arts