Why Your Partner Might Want Some AI Help to Pick Your Ring



If you polled women on whether they’d want another female playing a part in their engagement ring purchase, you’d probably get a resounding UM. NO. ((Unless, of course, you’ve been dropping hints to your sister, mama or bestie, who would obvi be a great ringwoman)). Someone else talking your future fiancé’s ear off on what rock you’d rock best, without any idea of who you are and what you like? Nope. Pass. Well, RockHer Haute Jewels, an LA-based jewelry company recently launched RockHer.com, and it’s the first-ever artificial intelligence-driven bespoke luxury engagement ring site with the world’s first AI powered diamond search engine. The RH crew sponsored this post so we could all get a taste for next-gen gem hunting. Get ready brides, because by the end of this post, you’re going to want a ROSI-recommended diamond on THAT finger. She’s that good 😉.

Yes, you weren’t reading that wrong, this jewelry company has legit invented a proprietary process to help men and women who are prepping to propose find the absolute best rock (hence, the RockHer) for their special someone. And once they’ve got that intel, they can go to work on designing the perfect ring to resonate with that stunning center stone. All of this is done online, through an incredibly easy-to-navigate site+diamond search engine, and no one even needs to know that your guy or girl got any help along the way.


Before we get into the digi-tidbits (and we promise, we’ll temper out all the super techy details, because they’re a little tough to comprehend), though, here’s what you need to know about RockHer first:

  • They’re all about the build-your-own engagement ring trend.

  • They believe in working together through every stage of the sparkler selection process to produce a contemporary piece that still maintains a luxurious, elegant, glamorous, and timeless appeal.

  • They only offer the best value GIA certified diamonds, and even those exceed their accepted standards.

  • They revel in creating bespoke pieces around an extraordinary gem. And they apply the same care and skill to a modest half-carat engagement ring as they would to an auction-worthy 100-carat pink diamond necklace. Every piece matters.

  • They work tirelessly to make rings that are totally tailored for you and all of your tastes - which results in a better quality ring, without any seams or weaknesses.

  • They ensure that every gem and any metal(s) used in your setting have been sourced responsibly. #conflictfreecommitment 


Basically, they start from scratch. Stock rings just don’t stack up here… 🙏

But what’s even more incredible is RockHer’s innovation in ROSI - the world’s first digital diamond expert slash gemologist, depending on who you talk to. The technology essentially streamlines the consumer buying experience, enabling ROSI to find you (or, more directly, your soulmate) the best diamond for your budget.


It starts with an algorithm, gets enhanced through IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence, and results in a killer new shopping experience. For real, engagement ring buying as we know it will never be the same.

Why would your honey need some pre-aisle AI assistance?
  1. Because you’re their person, if they can’t come to you to ask all the necessary questions re: the 5C’s (and don’t lie, you prob have tons more filed away on that than they do), then who can they consult?

  2. You want a beautiful rock, and they want to put one on you, if they can find a way to make that happen - aided by some hundred years of veteran diamond buying expertise and internet magic - then let them do it!

  3. Shopping for THE ring is tough stuff, overwhelming, confusing, and intensely emotional. So, if something could simplify that scenario - cut out all of the pressure, filter through all the fluff, and make things clearer, it’s a no brainer.

  4. There are no strings attached with ROSI. Your partner barely has to do anything - save a few logical steps - to get ROSI going. And once she has some basics to work with, she’ll generate EVERYTHING your guy/girl needs to go all out on the gem of your dreams.

  5. Saves time and doesn’t leave a paper trail. Let’s be honest, bae wants to do it all on his/her own and look like a total boss in the process. By rolling with ROSI+RockHer, he or she can get all the recommendations and diamond wisdom quickly and quietly and then go on to making you the ring you’ve been saying ‘YES’ to in your dreams since you started dating.


And remember, ROSI’s on your side. No need to get salty!

ROSI is programmed to provide true clarity in selecting an ideal diamond. The user experience requires shoppers to input their budget and preferred diamond shape, and weigh their primary considerations of price, size or quality. Then ROSI's sophisticated search engine evaluates more than a million data combinations to determine the best product (that all-important center stone) for the price. Get to know ROSI a little better, but peeps, we promise, it’s easy peasy!

With our promo code 'WEDDINGCHICKS' at checkout, you can also save 15 percent on settings… so, you may want to get on that!


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