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Why You’ll Want to Add Guest COVID Testing Options to Your Wedding Budget


Why You’ll Want to Add Guest COVID Testing Options to Your Wedding Budget

Just one year ago, we were in the beginning stages of a truly scary and unprecedented time, and now, we’re feeling hopeful. Vaccines are rolling out with more availability every day, and we’re all becoming veterans at COVID safety protocol (because vaccinations don’t mean an end to social distancing and public health responsibility). All this said, with wedding season in our midst and event capacity concessions happening in every state, we want to reiterate just how imperative protective measures are for a safe and successful event run, outright. Yes, things are looking up, and couples might be having a lot more pre-COVID-seeming weddings than they had last year, but the only way to do it properly is to have COVID testing practices in place: Sameday Health can help. Negative couples and guests means that a positive wedding experience is possible and even probable!!

With vaccinations continuing to pick up steam across the country, there’s strength in numbers. Couples can ensure the safeness of their special days by requiring guests to present their vaccine cards (the gold standard in ID-ing these days) before they can enter the wedding. But not everyone has been or will be vaccinated (as a result of ineligibility or the personal decision to forgo the shot), so screening for the virus beforehand and in real time is very important not just for the couple’s own peace of mind, but for the protection and wellbeing of their venue staff and on-site wedding vendors.

Why You’ll Want to Add Guest COVID Testing Options to Your Wedding Budget

Enter:  Sameday Health

Sameday Health, one of the leading COVID-19 testing providers in the US, offers wedding and event testing capabilities in 15 states, with added options of bulk-buying for groups of guests and on-site testing setups for up-to-the-minute COVID status. Sameday Health works with brides and grooms to provide them with the testing option(s) that best suit(s) their special day. In the current climate, the majority of venues are asking soon-to-be weds to provide a comprehensive ‘wellness’ survey of their ‘YES’ rsvp-ed guests (looking for 100% of negative COVID test results) - so an ideal scenario would be to have guests get tested and then quarantine just days before their wedding/event. Sameday can provide that bulk testing for wedding guests with a special discount QR code for their pre-wedding assessments. Additionally, Sameday can set up on-site mobile testing for each guest to get tested by trained medical professionals before hitting the dance floor (or, more likely, before they enter and sit down for the ceremony). 

Why You’ll Want to Add Guest COVID Testing Options to Your Wedding Budget

We get it, it’s an awkward ask for your guests, but…

The alternative (no virus-vetting for guests before your vows) is life altering for everyone.

Safety measures, but make it seamless - the sameday guarantee

  1. PCR and Rapid Antigen testing options are available via bulk orders (with discounts up to 15%), and if it’s in your budget to cover the costs, guests won’t have to pay for anything

  2. Provided you pay, guests can use your custom QR code to schedule their testing appointments for free when they need it (if you’ll be doing the RT-PCR (most reliable COVID testing option), this should be done 2-3 days before the wedding).

  3. The testing kits used at Sameday are validated for anterior mid-nasal collection, a testing process that’s much more comfortable than the usual nasopharyngeal collection used in the majority of hospitals and public testing locales.

  4. Result reports are sent to your guests as PDF docs via email and text - their [hopefully] negative results are their ‘boarding passes’ for your wedding. Quite literally, too, because they double as a valid, safe-to-travel certificate.

Why You’ll Want to Add Guest COVID Testing Options to Your Wedding Budget

It’s not inexpensive, by any means, but when you’re already planning for a day like no other (expensive, yet priceless), an extra line item on your wedding budget can be so worth it for your peace of mind and the safety of the most special people in your life.

Book COVID testing for your wedding day (and/or the ones leading up to it) to ensure the safety and health of guests and your ‘I Do’ crew with testing offerings from Sameday Health. Mobile onsite testing and bulk testing packages available

Why You’ll Want to Add Guest COVID Testing Options to Your Wedding Budget


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