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Why You Need Rentals to Nail a Specific Color Palette


Blueprint Studios All White Tented Wedding Space

Hi, I’m Danielle, and I live for color blocking Instagram feeds. It’s one of those things that those in the wedding industry can appreciate, because every couple has a shade situation that they want to slay on their big day. And when it translates (seamlessly), it’s quite a feat. Brides, you’re not weirdos for wanting a meticulous mandarin tone to carry through your wedding, floor-to-ceiling, we get it. We also understand if you need the right kind of white details to perfectly complement your all-white vibe. Certain iterations of the crisp, clean color are just too severe, some aren’t cool enough, others are too warm. And yes, they’re all white. But when you’re stuck in a headspace, where nothing is matching what you had in mind, there’s a need for rentals. These creative studios will understand your color crazy, and see to it that you have whatever chairs, rugs, lighting installs, tables, or textiles to fit into the colorscapes of your dreams. Maybe because it’s in their name, but Blueprint Studios knows blues, greens, purples, pinks, yellows, oranges, reds, and everything in between. They’re your true hue hookup!

Before we showcase some snaps from the brand that show off their skills with color, we put together a few tips to help you decide whether a rental studio is something you’d need for your wedding.

You reception space is a little raw.

Blueprint Studios Blue Chair Wedding Rentals

And that’s totally OK! We love fresh, open event spaces that really allow their couples to come in and make the environment their own for the day. Banquet halls, farmsteads, luxury hotel ballrooms, they’re all great, but a lot of the time, brides and grooms have trouble transforming the party rooms into ones that really resonate with their vibe and overall wedding aesthetic. If you can meet with a soup-to-nuts type rental studio, and really talk out the kind of look you’re going for - style, mixed with colorways, etc. you’ll be able to take a look at the inventory and see what pieces would pop in your setup. Whether it’s curating a fun cocktail lounge or deciding on some cool, dynamic tabletop elements, you’ll have the best minds at your disposal.

Not to mention, Blueprint’s pieces come in nearly every color, so outfitting a blank canvas doesn’t have to be excruciating - in fact, it'll actually be such a fun challenge to take on as a team.

You have elaborate florals worked out for the day.

Apart from the aisle style, the most colorful parts of a wedding day are usually the flowers. We’d even go so far as to say that florals pretty much dictate a color palette. And yes, your florist/floral designer will have ideas about how to execute and make the most impactful play with your blooms, but they might do well to work with an enlisted rental studio. If only to up their design game. Places like Blueprint Studios can rent out awesome vessels for the centerpieces, bring in baller bar installations or sprinkle in marquee elements that can really shine with complementary floral moments.

Blueprint Studios blue tabletop color palette

You need advice on seasonality and mixed media.

It’s one thing if you love silver and white and want everything in your ambiance arsenal to coordinate on your day, but it’s another if you have no idea how to incorporate your palette in a way that’s appropriate for the season and climate where you’re getting married. Blueprint Studios knows their catalogue of decor/furnishing/installations/etc. so well, so their team can assist interested couples in choosing the trendiest, most on-point pieces to complete the dreams going on in their heads. Rental studios are also run by the most collaborative creatives, so when you bring them into the fold, they can work with your florist, your wedding planner, your stationer, your caterer, and more, to design the most impressive atmosphere for you and your guests. They understand how to mix and match items and assets to create a more exciting big picture. And that’s every couple’s endgame, right?!

Here’s what they have to say, but just peep the pics....

Blueprint Studios All White Outdoor Reception

The pretty speaks for itself. Blueprint Studios is a full-service event rental studio that helps couples compose exceptional wedding environments with thoughtful detail. Weddings should be a personal and memorable occasion, so BPS makes it their duty to bring special touches to those getting married - providing them with seamless execution for a worry-free day. From traditional charm to modern elegance, the styles+templates that Blueprint has in their repertoire can cover the most discerning pal(ettes). Design the wedding of your dreams with Blueprint Studios.

Blueprint Studios Teal Seafoam Green Wedding Table and Bowls

We weren’t kidding. Check out their Instagram, their inventory is certifiably kaleidoscopic!

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We partnered with Blueprint Studios to give couples some clues on nailing those wedding hues. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!