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Why We’re Not Fond of the New Pre-Proposal Slim Down Trend


Proposal Slim Down - Becca MatimbaPhoto:

Guys, we’re feeling a little ambivalent about a new trend that’s supposedly picking up steam in the wedding world (no, really, actual steam…. Future fiancés want to be so in shape for their proposals, that they’re likely sweating off the pounds in steam rooms every chance they get). We wanted to share, because will proposal season reaching its pinnacle point come Valentine’s Day, this is relevant news to millions of those soon-to-be so-engaged. Here’s the deal, according to a recent Moneyish story, women(and men, for that matter) are moving up their deadlines to ‘get in shape’ and it’s not for the wedding...rather, they want to be at their optimal shape for their proposals. Why?

  1. They’re all about those shortly-following engagement photos and want them to be well worth the expense. No flab, all fab. Hmmm.
  2. They want to take those flawless proposal flicks and engagement pics and post them on social media, so of course, they have to look unbelievable in them. It’s not just about the ring anymore, it’s about the total just-engaged package. Beautiful ring, beautiful body, beautiful couple. Finesse-d to death.
  3. They want to get a head start for their weddings, which means they’ll be slimming and trimming from ‘pre-YES’ to post-I Do.

Apparently, the trend took off overseas, originating with the newly-engaged Princess Eugenie. Allegedly, the British brunette had an inkling that she’d be getting engaged sometime this year, so to make sure she’d feel and look her best upon accepting her proposal, she kicked her diet and fitness routine up a notch [leagues before tying the knot]. From early morning burpees to sessions at an exclusive and hardly inexpensive women-only gym, the blue-blooded bride-to-be is pursuing an entirely fit and trim road to the altar. By all means, she looked amazing in those engagement pics, so her regimen is working, but brides shouldn’t feel unnecessarily obligated to drop weight just to have sparkling, social-media-approved snapshots. The gorgeous ring and your adorable just-engaged glow are going to guarantee that anyway.

Proposal Slim Down Princess Eugenie BBC News Photo:

We’re ALL for working out and eating well, as part of a healthy lifestyle, and to bond with bae… but we don’t love the expectations that this trend is setting up. That those people popping the question need to put off their proposals until they’re their ‘best selves’ and most ‘deserving’ of a ‘yes’ from their soulmate. And that brides should be stressed out and working themselves to death just to feel ‘worthy’ of their ring. If you’re in love and want to take that next step with your special someone, then do it! And don’t feel like you need to tone up to get down on one knee.

Proposal Slim Down - Nathan Dumlao

You might already be feeling super anxious from everyone eavesdropping your engagement, so why do you need to expend extra effort dieting like crazy, working out so much that you’re subconsciously distancing yourself from your PIC? If you know a ring is coming your way, all you need to do to prepare for that special moment is a killer manicure and an on-point outfit that you won’t mind being photographed in by your sister, bestie, parent, stranger, etc. with your new fiancé in the frame.

And let’s not kid ourselves, either, all these extra measures to make yourself proposal-ready aren’t cheap. From the new athleisure clothes you’ll obvi need to rock at the gym, to the extra checks you’ll need to write to your trainer, and all the healthy food you’ll need to stock in your pantry, these pre-engaged requisites are just the beginning of all your wedding planning expenses. So, blowing your budget before there’s even a ring around your finger might just be a bit premature.

Proposal Slim Down - Sawyer Bengtson Photo:

We’re also just not fans of couples threatening each other with the ‘you let yourself go’ phrase, and this pre-proposal slimdown seems like the perfect soapbox for that to all come out. So, avoid it at all costs!

Anyway, what do you all think? Is getting in ‘proposal shape’ the next big thing? We’re going to proceed with caution….

Front page photo courtesy of Jennifer Burk on Unsplash.

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