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Why I’m a Sucker for Stunning Wedding Albums


Albums Remembered Magazine Luxe Leather Album

There is nothing quite like a beyond-beautiful photo album. Whenever I’m at one of my friend’s houses and I see their wedding photo album out on the table, it’s almost magnetizing, I have to look through it (obvi asking if I can take a peek, before I get sucked into the pages). And I can’t say I’m much different when I’m out at an event - birthday party, wedding or baby shower - and there’s an album out for display. 🙋🏻 Hello, I’m Danielle, and I’m a sucker for super special storytelling. I look through my own wedding album a few times a year, too, and it never gets old… So, when we got the chance to chat with Albums Remembered, a company with cachet for creating true, hand-crafted flush mount albums, we were so psyched. These guys champion the DIT (do it together) over DIY (do it yourself) approach with their albums, and they sponsored this post to make a few more believers out of us. ((disclaimer, they don’t have to do too much, we’re already onboard)).

Before we jump into 5 reasons we’re obsessed with these options, we just wanted to throw some eye candy your way first. How stunning is this 👇? Really. This is what we call a custom flush mount album. And they’re the only three words you’ll ever need to know when it comes to album creation for the rest of your life. FMA means high-end in the most basic terms. No flimsy, plastic photo sleeves and no boring/totally lackluster options for orienting your photos - vertical or horizontal only. This is flush mount, and it’s unmatched when it comes to binding, color, paper, strength and texture. 

Album Layout Albums Remembered

The savings are serious.

When my wedding was over, I could not WAIT to go over all the photos with our photographer and start curating our album. I legit had the appointment penciled into all of our calendars, and I counted down the days. Well, our album came out great, but it was sooo expensive. A lot of that had to do with needing 10 extra pages added (because the base book size covered in our photo package included just wasn’t enough), but overall, what the photographer offered was beyond price inflated. We just ended up writing the check, because we were done with the wedding and the stress of planning, etc. and we wanted an expert’s touch. But it’s ridiculous how much a beautiful memento of the day costs. With Albums Remembered, you can get a true, hand-crafted flush mount album at a FRACTION of the expense it would be through photographers.

Albums Remembered Leather Cover

Their books can’t be beat.

I think my husband and I had three book choices to consider from when we got our album. Not much diversity, point blank. Albums Remembered offers a HUGE variety of cover styles and 20 different materials for you to choose from. So, no two albums look the same, really. From traditional leather to contemporary acrylic, creative photo wrap designs, to luxe looks bound in textured linen, whatever variety you decide on is sure to fit your vibe. Oh, and our favorite part? The page edging. You can go classic with the original-style black and white or go for the all-white edging that is so crisp and clean. Very editorial!!

That DIT design service is delicious.

Pretty sure every couple thinks about the ease that could come with DIY-ing their wedding album, but let’s be honest, unless they’ve got photo editor or stylist blood coursing through their veins, they’re at a disadvantage. It’s tough stuff to be able to curate a perfectly-personalized, poetic keepsake of your special day, and it takes time, too. What starts out as a fabulous aspiration, becomes a tired weight hanging over your shoulders. ((Especially once your parents start chiming in, asking where their parent albums are)). With Albums Remembered, you can get complimentary design service with unlimited revisions. Yes, unlimited. Every couple gets to work on the album one-on-one, with a professional designer. Hence the DIT (you do it together). And nothing goes to print without 💯 percent approval on the layouts from the lovebirds. 

Linen Album with Matching Box

The album can be matched with a baller box.

Okay, so the beauty of these modern flush mount albums is that they are oh-so durable and pretty-well protected - 👍👍👍 for when the future babies want to start flipping through mommy and daddy’s wedding album, and can’t control drool drips and/or an urge to rip ALL the things (my son does both). But Albums Remembered also offers amazing matching boxes (to complement the material of the album - in either leather or linen) as an option of packaging. And couples can also choose to add imprinting on the box as well. Because your names, plus your wedding date might be extra, but why not?!? YOLO.

Albums Remembered Luxe Leather

There’s a promo happening RN.

Starting this week, Albums Remembered is giving away $1,000 - broken down into 5 gift card prizes each valued at $200. For a chance to score $200 towards your album purchase, enter now!


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We partnered with Albums Remembered to join their DIT charge (because let's be honest, designing a wedding album isn't a piece of cake). As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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