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Why I hate the new iPhone X.


Apple iPhone XImage Via:

Apple introduced the iPhone X.  It's all kinds of amazing with so many cool and somewhat freaky features. What's new? Well, it's all screen and it's supposed to "dazzle" your eyes, there's a whole bunch of new technology PLUS rounded corners. There's Face ID, that's weird. No thanks, I don't need that kind of judgment from a machine. The glass is more durable, that's a perk. It's made from stainless surgical steel so if you find yourself in a pickle like Blake Lively did in The Shallows when she sutured her leg with her gold earring, well some surgical steel might come in handy. Evidently, there's better sound clarity. That's nice but I only text people except my dad, my grandma and Jocey. I call those people. Also wireless charging that's cool. I have that on my Mophie case, but it only works some of the time, I'm sure Apple perfected it.
Animoji, it's a thing

"Reveal your inner panda, pig, or robot."Photo via:

The camera looks pretty cool and you can turn yourself into a singing emoji and I guess that appeals to some. "Reveal your inner panda, pig, or robot." Um, ok but no thanks. I don't ever need to make my inner pig public. That's behind closed doors kinda sh*t.

Why do I hate this beautiful piece of machinery? Just because it's a grand and I have to learn new things. You know most of us will eventually cave and get one becuase we can't miss out on the new technology, but I'd chat about it with your partner if you share money. If you do buy this, do yourself a favor and buy it at Apple and get Apple Care. It's worth every penny becuase you pay about $100 for it and you can replace the phone TWICE for about $100. 

millennials, this is a cell phone

Why I hate The new iPhone X.Image Via:

Now, most of you are probably confused by the device above, but it was one of the first cell phones. It came out after the short lived car phone. This, in fact, was my first cell phone. It usually just sat in the car, so technically it was a car phone (side note my dad just recently stopped calling a cell phone a car phone). I think if I even touched it or looked at it sideways, I got charged like $263. You could find this sleek technology in my 1984 Honda Civic Sedan that literally had no brakes. It was the E brake all the time. I have no idea how I survived. Did you know it was legal to hold a 4 lb cell phone and dial by number. Safety first!

These days, I really can't live without my phone. I wish I could, but it's just not realistic. My phone's like my pal. Sometimes it says good morning and sometimes it says goodnight. Hmmm, come to think of it, my phone is actually like an imaginary boyfriend. Always there for me (if I keep him charged) and sends some nice messages sometimes. I wish he were a little taller, maybe had some hair and a little more personality, but you can't have it all I guess.

Cell phones really keep us connected and capture fun stuff we like to see like Taylor Swift giving a MOH speech or photos from when Bravo's Million Dollar Listing's Josh Flagg married Bobby Boyd last Saturday. 

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