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DIY Whiskey Barrel + 15 Whiskey Barrel Wedding Ideas



If you want the look of a rustic whiskey barrel in your wedding but don't want the extra cost of a full barrel, then we have the perfect DIY solution for you. It’s easy, inexpensive and you can reuse the barrels later in your home or gift them. It’s a win win! Also, don't miss our 15 whiskey barrel wedding ideas here. Photo by Amy Arrington Photography.

whiskey barrel diy @weddingchicks


Take the two whiskey barrel planters and stack them on top of each other, cut edges together. Make sure the edges line up. Tie a burlap bow around the barrel to hide the cut line as seen in the fabulous photo below by Randi Davies Photography; This will give the illusion of a full whiskey barrel at a fraction of the price.

If you want to make a whiskey barrel table for your rustic desserts to be displayed on just leave off the bow, and lay a raw edged board over the top of your DIY barrels. TIP: Not all planters will line up with each other, so try them out before you buy to make sure the edges fit together. 

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whiskey barrel diy @weddingchicks