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Whimsical Alice in Wonderland Bridal Collection From Michal Medina


An enchanted collection for 2018, Alice in Wonderland from Michal Medina takes us to the magic of Wonderland. The collection, inspired by fairytale, has been designed to celebrate femininity. With the abundance of sparkle, 3D laser cut flowers and impeccable tailoring, each gown is a fanciful and unique interpretation of romance.

As with all Michal’s collections, the gowns are designed with invisible corsetry and tailoring to ensure each bride feels at ease in their gown. Use of seed pearls, sheer shimmering fabrics and Swarovski crystals add sparkle and just the right amount of glamour for our brides’ special day.

Every Michal Medina bride is treated with special care and attention, whether in the studio or via one of the exquisite salons that carries the collections. Utmost care is taken to ensure every Michal Medina bride has the ultimate wedding gown experience. Find a bridal salon near you.


About Michal Medina

Michal Medina has been designing exquisite gowns for more than 25 years. Her style effortlessly merges classic with cutting edge fashion, each design meticulously crafted with unique fabrics and exact tailoring to create magic for each and every bride.

Experience, talent and professionalism have established Michal Medina as a leader in the world of bridal design. Her distinct designs are admired by brides around the world and are available in exclusive boutiques across the United States and from her elegant studio in Israel. Find a bridal salon near you. 

Light your imagination, feel beautiful.


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