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When you get to the final few months before your wedding, it’s easy to forget about something that’s pretty huge - wedding band shopping - because you’re either just really over the whole process or aren’t even thinking about the rings, when you need to write your vows first… I swear my own sister and future brother-in-law forgot about their wedding bands until I reminded them just a few weeks ago (and they’re getting married next month). Maybe because engagement ring shopping is just so much more highly anticipated, wedding ring shopping kind of comes in second? Well, we’re going to flip the switch on that mentality, because getting your wedding rings (if you choose to wear them!) is a big deal, they mean you and your S.O. are moving into a new season of life, and you should be super excited about it. You don’t even have to go to the jewelry store, either, because Eternity Wedding Bands has you more than covered.

If you’re currently in the market for your wedding rings, listen up on…

5 reasons why an Eternity Wedding Band might be perf for you

You’re both into bling.

Who says guys can’t wear diamonds? We know some guys who can literally wear the s*** out of diamonds, so that myth needs to die. An eternity wedding band definitely brings the bling, it has sparkle for days, so it can certainly appeal to the unicorn/glitter-loving-ladies among us, but it can also be done in a way that grooms would def get down with. Gold bands with channel set diamonds. It’s a bold, yet unmistakably masculine move. Especially if your wedding is a little extra extra, tying the knot with some sparkle around those digits, it adds just a bit more 👌.

Eternity Wedding Bands Platinum Yellow and Rose Gold with Diamonds All Around

You want something custom.

Customers can choose from an infinite number of ring styles, metals, diamond shapes, sizes and qualities. Once you design your ring, Eternity Wedding Bands’s in-house gemologist hand selects each diamond to ensure everything matches perfectly. They then use an advanced manufacturing process to custom mint your ring with precision alignment, sublimely-spaced diamonds, and an overall quality superior to all others. Doing it from home means that you can design it how YOU want it, without feeling pressured to commit to something you’re ‘eh’ about.

You want to stay on-budget.

Alright, so, yes, every couple wants to stay on budget, but if you’re really just avoiding shopping for your bands because you think the jewelry store prices are way beyond what you’d want to spend, then you may need to consider an alternative, like online shopping. Shopping EWB and purchasing direct from the manufacturer affords you significantly lower prices than traditional brick and mortar stores and other e-comm ring boutiques. All customers are guaranteed that their custom-made ring is free of manufacturers defects and backed by EWB’s 100% satisfaction guarantee - just like the jewelry store promises!

Eternity Wedding Bands Yellow Gold with Diamonds All Around

You want something symbolic, yet stylish.

While you might not be shopping in NYC’s diamond district if you're doing it from home, that doesn’t mean you’re not still taken care of and shown the best in function and fashion. Eternity Wedding Bands has a team of knowledgeable industry experts that continually create new and captivating designs, manufacture quality products, provide top-notch customer service, and enjoy helping customers create the ring of their dreams. They’ve worked with thousands of satisfied clients to create brilliant diamond wedding bands that express their love and commitment, all while keeping up with trends, too.

  • All rings are uniquely designed to maximize the sparkle and brilliance of each diamond. They sparkle at all angles!

  • Each ring can be placed beautifully next to an engagement ring; yet, it’s captivating enough to wear all on its own.

  • Everything is stackable. And EWB loves when couples keep the finger party going - great gifts for successive anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions!

  • Rings can be customized with many different diamond sizes and qualities to perfectly compliment the bride or groom’s engagement ring

Eternity Wedding Bands Platinum Yellow and Rose Gold with Diamonds All Around

You want it fast.

Eternity Wedding Bands uses the most advanced technology available to custom manufacture each and every ring and ship it within 48 hours. Ohhh yes. So, if you’ve waited a little too long for something to come in time for your wedding, you can count on Eternity Wedding Bands to get you the goods in record time, with a free appraisal, 30-day money back guarantee, and free 2-day shipping. No extra costs for expediting!!

You may have seen eternity wedding bands before, but nothing comes close to the brand that put these unique rings on the map first. Shop now for your perfect diamond wedding band and enjoy 20 percent off - now through December 31st - with ‘CHICKS20’ at checkout. 

Eternity Wedding Bands Yellow Gold with Diamonds All Around

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