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Where to Find Your Wedding Vendors If You’ve Given Up on the Gram


Where to Find Your Wedding Vendors If You’ve Given Up on the GramVendor:

Okay, so you guys know that Instagram is life to us - we go to sleep with it, we wake up to it, we just love it. And we follow soooo many incredible talents in the wedding community, from planners to photographers, floral artists to detail & decor authorities. Our feed and content is pretty much #somethingborrowed from all the titans in the tie-the-knot industry, in the form of #regrams, and it has everything to do with who we’re crushing on, whose recent work just blows us away, and the impression a single phenomenal photo makes on us. So, obviously we fully understand the magnetism of using the social platform to scout out and secure vendors for the day you exchange your vows. That being said, the Gram isn’t the end all be all for finding the perfect ‘I Do’ dream team, especially when all the inspo can leave you feeling conflicted or simply overwhelmed AF.

That’s when you can come to us and streamline your search a bit more. Our vendor guide is easily one of the best resources on our site, and one that can really help you out if you’ve decided you’re going to assemble your vendor team without enlisting a planner for secondary support. Or if you think you will and want to find a planner who’s already got our star rating before you round up anyone else. P.S. don’t read too much into my point about “our star rating,” either. Definitely not saying that we have some epic taste (although maybeee we do 😉) that should be trusted sight unseen; at the end of the day, like you, we’re just fans of these wedding pros, and want to give them ALL the shout outs and credit they absolutely deserve. If our vendor guide can help you make some connections and book creatives for your own special day, well then by all means, use us all up!!! 

Where to Find Your Wedding Vendors If You’ve Given Up on the GramVendor:

Why our vendor guide might just be better than the Gram

You can search for pros from a regional perspective. 

Where to Find Your Wedding Vendors If You’ve Given Up on the GramVendor:

Our vendor search engine is pretty awesome, so when you start your hunt for planners, photographers, entertainers, stationers, etc. you can zero in on local vendors - pros who impress in the place you’re getting married. On Instagram, sure you can search by hashtags (for #nycphotographers, #dallascaterers, #socalflorists) if you want to target certain talents, but typically you just end up toggling from page to page to page looking at tagged vendors. It’s a long process and holy screen time, Batman!

You can get all the good stuff upfront and then peep their pretty on social later. 

Where to Find Your Wedding Vendors If You’ve Given Up on the GramVendor:

Another cool thing about our vendor guide is the immediacy of information you can scoop up in record time. All of our vendor profiles feature photo examples of a pro’s work, along with initial starting prices for requested services ((we care about your budget so much!)), links to their website and social channels, and a direct message function to start conversations with your nuptial crushes ASAP. Vendors don’t advertise their pricing on Instagram - duh - so determining whether they’ll fit into your budget from the outset isn’t always possible. Instead, we gather all the need-it-now specs on your prospectives, so that you can access the intel all in one place and have a foolproof way to reach out right away.

You can make contact without having to slide into any DMs… 

Where to Find Your Wedding Vendors If You’ve Given Up on the GramVendor:

We’ve allllll been there. I found my wedding florist on Instagram, my sister found her hairstylist and MUA the same way. And sure, if you love the person and what you see/want and need to have it for your big day, then do it up with the DM, just know that it can come across as sketchy. Just reaching out, randomly, through social media like a stalker - it’s okay, though, that’s like normal these days, vendors get it. That said, queuing up a chain of communication with a wedding professional - be it a photographer, a band or DJ, etc. does look a bit more legit if you’re doing it through a trusted wedding network. In our case, the Wedding Chicks Vendor Guide network. Like someone/something you see ➡️ REQUEST QUOTE and voila! Your dream vendor’s got mail!

If you’re in the market to start recruiting your ‘I Do’ crew, register ((FOR FREE)) with us right now!

And if you’re a vendor who likes our vibe and wants to work with the best soon-to-be-weds around, sign up here!! 

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