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When You Know You Know Proposal on a Hike at Table Mountain

engaged in cape town

We've all heard it before, "When you know, you know!" We also know that's true and it was definitely the case for this adventurous couple Clarisa and James. Read on to hear about their Cape Town proposal!

We were together for a year and a half before he popped the question. Now some people will say that it's not very long, but when you know, you know!! 

It was a cloudy day, a bit cold so we decided to go hiking up Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Of course we went with our best friends... (They were also the photographers...) Little did I know what would happen. 

proposal on a hike

It was very cloudy at the very top, so we only decided to up half way. When you got to a picnic spot we laid out the picnic and enjoyed the view! There was a peak where we went to took photo's and as we posed for a photo, he pushed me away and went down on one knee... 

Totally flabbergasted I started smiling from ear to ear with a few glistering tears in my eyes. I was in total shock so I started shaking my head from side to side (as if I was saying no...) As soon as I heard the words: "Will be make me the happiest man, by becoming my wife..? 


She Said Yes

The head nodding quickly changed to a yes nod!!!! We then phoned our parents and kept it between God, us them and our friends that were with us.... We enjoyed a lovely picnic and went back down. Before we got ready to celebrate, we prayed and started our engagement and life together on the correct way!

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