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When Reddit Asks About Nuptial Nightmares Everyone Answers


When Reddit Asks About Nuptial Nightmares Everyone AnswersPhoto:

Maybe your florist arrived too late for you to walk down the aisle with an uh-mazing bouquet. Maybe your MOH got a little too drunk delivering her speech and ended up crying the whole time instead. Maybe you gained a little extra pre-wedding weight and didn’t fit as flawlessly as you wanted to in your wedding dress. All of your FML moments might still make you cringe years later, but they still can’t hold a candle to the winning WTF entries that poured into a Reddit message board and gave us serious side eye.

The responses the user got after posing the question ‘What is the worst thing you’ve ever seen at a wedding?’ are off the wall and some even have us wondering whether they happened at all (seriously, SO SORRY to all these brides and grooms)… but we’ll let you be the judge of it!

Groom got stood up

Bride never showed up.

My cousin was the groom and had about 500 people in attendance. He got on the mic and said there's no bride, so we had the party anyway. He married someone else 2 years later.

Big girls don’t cry… except she was little 😮
xjrob85 wrote

For the bouquet toss, a middle-aged guy forced his middle-aged girlfriend out onto the floor, then stood by her so she couldn't leave. The bouquet was caught by an excited little girl. The guy proceeded to yank the bouquet out of the little girl's hands, gave it to his middle-aged girlfriend, then ran off the floor cheering loudly to high-five one of his buddies. The little girl ran away crying.

V.short vows
FutbolMasta wrote

Not a bad thing that happened for me, just really awkward. Went to wedding of someone from my church a few years back. When it came time to say the vows, he pulls out a sheet of paper and reads on for like 5 minutes, getting really intimate and pouring his heart out to her. It was kind of awkward tbh. But the icing on the cake was her response. When he was done, she just giggled loudly and awkwardly and got out "ditto!" That's it. That was her wedding vow. So freaking awkward.

Sister-in-law’s day
mrsmx wrote

My mother in law handed out an EP of my now sister-in-law to as many guests as she could & threw a fit in the middle of the dance floor later that night because I didn’t let her daughter sing with the band or karaoke. Her exact words were, “How dare you make today all about you.”

It was MY wedding day.

In this ring, the mothers of the bride

Bride's step-mother and mother got into a fight. Step-mother bit the mother. Wedding went to a screeching halt.

Daddy to the rescue
Rosiebelleann wrote

The groom was drinking heavily and by the time the cake was supposed to be cut, he was passed out at the back of the room. The bride was crying hysterically. Dad stepped in and cut the cake with the bride.

An anonymous tip
onejoke_username wrote

At the reception, the bride received a tip to go out to the parking lot where she found her new husband making out with his ex gf. The ensuing fight came inside the hall and the party screeched to a halt. Both families were displeased and stuck him with ALOT of bills. We kept our gift.

Boozy bridesmaid thinks she’s the bride
hillbillytendencies wrote

I was at a wedding where one of the bridesmaids had gotten married a month earlier and thought it was a good idea to change out of her dress into her wedding dress for the reception. We in the wedding party told her to change back. She decided to stand at the head of the buffet line and tell each and every one of us as we came through the line how she felt. F-you, I f-ed your husband, your a c. It goes on and on. Booze was involved so you can imagine how it was. She refused to change out of her wedding dress until one of the other bridesmaids locked her in the bathroom and told her to change or it was going to get physical. She changed and left not long after. The rest of the reception was a fantastic time.

Newborn ring bearer

Bride thought it would be cute to have her newborn deliver the rings. Newborn decided it was a good time to puke all over the rings.

And the MOG wore white
odnadevotchka wrote

Mother of the groom showed up in white. Bride took her shopping weeks before and thought they had found a blue dress that made MOG look beautiful. I wish to this day I had thought to spill my wine on her and force her to change.

Projected pleasure
Taucher1979 wrote

I went to a wedding in a huge manor house on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The house was lit up by big floodlights in the floor pointing up at the house. When it got dark some guests ran inside to the bar/dancefloor and shouted at people to come outside and look.

A man and a woman, who met for the first time at the wedding, were having sex below one of the floodlights but didn't realize that their gyrations were being projected 50 feet high on to the side of the house! A perfect shadow of two shaggers. They were very embarrassed when they found out.\

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