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When I Miss You This Much My Clothes Fall Off!


waiting for my love and his letter

We all hate being apart from our second half, but thanks to the wonderful world of technology no one feels too far away. But what if that all went away? In our next shoot that we like to call "When I Miss You This Much My Clothes Fall Off" boudoir session, photographer Anna Scott imagines the ache and longing of a young bride waiting for the next letter from her love.

So enjoy this nostalgic look back at an era gone by where love was expressed in beautifully written missives. This romantic inspiration was brought to life by talents such as The Ink-stained Minstrel, Budding Inspiration, Singing Slowly, and many more so be sure to see every last bit of this day by visiting the full gallery here.

my lovehand written love letter

love letter

romantic boudoir idealove letter

getting wedding ready

I'll Write You A Letter Every day!

From Anna Scott Photography: For a woman waiting for her love to return from war, there weren’t Skype calls or Facebook Messenger or texting; there were only love letters. A bride-to-be would pour her heart onto the page and long for the day when she could at last be joined with her fiance. 

When I was styling this shoot, that is the concept I planned around. The time before the wedding when a bride is waiting to be joined to her love; a moment of patient waiting in her boudoir as she dreams of the future. From that concept came a feeling of old-world charm and grace, and the shoot slowly came to life as I found wonderful vendors to contribute to the shoot. Brick floors, a velvet couch, a writing desk, a sheer robe---it all came together exactly as I envisioned. 

wedding bouquet and wedding sign

romantic loose bouquet in pink blue and peachwe loved with a love that was more than love

unique braided updo

wedding boudoirhuge wedding bouquet ideas

floral halo

Love Letters & Lace

Savannah is a stunning soul and I was so delighted that she wanted me to capture this time in her engagement. Her maturity and beauty exactly captured a feeling of grace and quiet waiting that perfectly complemented our shoot. One of my very favorite items from the shoot was our stunning poet sleeve robe by Singing Slowly. The drape of the fabric, the delicate color, and the gorgeous train were simply perfect! Savannah kept on exclaiming about how soft and luxurious the robe felt as we were shooting. 

The florals by Kate of Budding Inspiration were so lush and wild, a glimpse of passion amidst the patient waiting. They paired perfectly with our lavender vintage settee from Moments Rentals, adding gorgeous color and luxury to our shoot. I was nervous about the calligraphy for the session, since the concept of the shoot relied so heavily on the idea of a love letter. I was over the moon when I received our letter from Hogan, the Ink-stained Minstrel. It is exactly what this shoot needed, with its delicate script and crinkled parchment.

blue peach and pink wedding bouquet

wedding boudoirlove letters and lace

free flowing and braided hair idea

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