What's Better than Brunch? This Romantic Brunch Proposal


Beautiful surprise engagement in Texas

What’s better than brunch? This romantic brunch proposal! Sean, the now future groom wanted to surprise his lucky lady in a big way. After some careful planning with the help of Luisa's Secret Photography he chose the lovely patio setting at the Mansion in Dallas, Texas to pop the question.

Spoiler alert, she said "yes"! Just wait till you see her adorable reaction below. Plus be sure to visit the full gallery for more heart-warming candid moments. Congrats to the lovely couple!

She has no idea!!

planning the surprise

From Luisa's Secret Photography: Sean reached out to me and shared all details of his planned surprise proposal on May 27th. He was absolutely excited about this important next step for him and his soon-to-be fiancé and he gave me goosebumps talking about their relationship. Sean and I actually met the next day to scope out the proposal venue he had selected. The Mansion in Dallas is a very elegant restaurant with a beautiful outdoor patio covered by trees overlooking greenery and the turtle creek across the street. Together, we picked out the table for Sean & Jessica where he would pretend to be having brunch the day of his planned proposal. The location and setup was absolutely beautiful and perfect!

surprise proposal caught on cameraShe is shocked!She said yes!

She said yes!

Just engaged Happy bride to be

setting the scene

Finally, the day of the proposal arrived. Typically for Dallas it was very hot and humid outside. Douglas and I arrived 30 minutes early to ensure everything was setup perfectly. Sean & Jessica arrived and he immediately went for the chair we selected for him, so Jessica had the beautiful greenery in the background for the proposal... After not even a few minutes of them settling down we heard her saying that she would like to go inside because it was way too hot... Sean texted me to let me know that he would most likely start his speech a little sooner than what we had discussed (before they really would end up inside).

Sparkly engagement ringNewly engaged couple

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Newly engaged

Beautiful surprise proposal shootHappy in love

surprise proposal

We had our cameras set up & were ready to go... The next 5 minutes felt like forever. Seconds felt like minutes, and minutes felt like hours. Their once-in-a-lifetime-moment felt like ours...! But then, finally, we heard his chair rubbing against the ground and Douglas gave me the sign: READY. We literally jumped out of our seats, got into our positions and shot the most emotional and unforgettable proposal... Jessica had no idea what was going to happen that day, moved to tears, and head over heels when Sean popped the question "Will You Marry Me?". And the pictures tell the rest of their story...

Beautiful engagement shoot

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