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What Your Gown Silhouette Says About You


What Your Gown Silhouette Says About YouPhoto:

Fashion history isn’t told in color, in textiles, or in embellishments, though all of those factors certainly play into it. Fashion history is told through silhouette. The silhouette of a person or a gown can tell you so much about their life, their personality, and even their marital status (back in the day). Today, silhouette is more fluid, instead of society clinging to one shape, we are constantly challenging the norms and experimenting with how we want to present ourselves. We as a unit have in fact become more individual, more unique. Even when it comes to wedding gowns! If we asked you to think of an 80s wedding dress, a very specific shape comes to mind–poofy sleeves and an A-line skirt. Even the early 2000s had a recognizable silhouette. Come on, you remember every bride on Say Yes To The Dress asking for a “fit-and-flare” with rouching. Today, the sky is the limit when it comes to silhouette. Brides aren’t going for “what’s in”, they’re focusing more on “what’s me?”. And we couldn’t be more thrilled! If you’re struggling to find the one, try zooming out and focusing on the shape of the gown rather than the details. Like a good old-fashioned personality quiz, we’ll look at every type of gown silhouette and explain what that shape says about you!

Now that you know what silhouette fits your personality, it’s time to go shopping. Here’s everything you need to know before you hit the boutiques. If you’re shopping online, we’ve got you covered there too.


What Your Gown Silhouette Says About YouPhoto/Dress:

You’re flirty and sexy and you love to show off your curves. Fashion comes before comfort everyday baby. You’re probably still wearing heels to work (even though you work from home now). You love a cat eye and some voluminous waves and you’re not afraid of a statement lip.


What Your Gown Silhouette Says About YouPhoto/Dress:

You’re classic, timeless even. You’re not a big risk-taker when it comes to fashion and we’re here to say, that's okay (especially when it comes to the most important ensemble of your life!). Your personal style gravitates towards preppy, you love a good jean and blazer moment.

Fit and Flare

What Your Gown Silhouette Says About YouPhoto/Dress:

You’re not usually one to dress up, but it’s your wedding day and you definitely want to feel like a bride. You’re more likely to gravitate to a jumpsuit for a cocktail party than you are a beaded mini dress. You like to wear your hair up and out of your face and when you do wear makeup, you like a natural look. You like clothes that are low maintenance, that you can move in because when that dance floor opens up, look out!


What Your Gown Silhouette Says About YouPhoto:

You’re a little edgy and you know it. You’ve probably got a tat or two (maybe even a whole sleeve). For your venue, you’re leaning toward an industrial loft or gallery space and you like that chic minimalist look. You want to look put together but effortless, like you just threw on a gown, grabbed your leather jacket, and waltzed right down the aisle.


What Your Gown Silhouette Says About YouPhoto:

You’ve been dreaming of your wedding day since you were a little girl. You want…no, need your princess moment! Go big or go home, right? You’re all about volume and making an entrance. You want to take everyone’s breath away the moment you step into the room.


What Your Gown Silhouette Says About YouPhoto:

You’re fun and your friends would describe you as quirky. You dress to the beat of your own drum and are probably a little granola. You want to feel like a woodland fairy on your big day, free and at one with nature. You’re definitely getting married outside!

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