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What We Learned About Wedding Bands from The Wedding Singer


The Wedding Singer 20 Years Sketched By JackilinjaPhoto:

Everyone has their favorite wedding movie. Father of the Bride (YAAAAS), My Best Friend’s Wedding, Wedding Crashers, Bride Wars (wrote one of my senior college papers on this movie alone), Bridesmaids, The Hangover, the list goes on. But I can honestly say that out of all of them, my hands down favorite has and always will be The Wedding Singer. Adam Sandler was everything, and Drew Barrymore gave pretty much every couple ever all of the goals when it comes to their first kiss. Church tongue, now and forever. Well, believe it or not, this movie hit theaters on this day, 20 years ago. What the actual f***? And aside from being one of our cult classics, all 97 minutes of the movie can basically sum up what we know about the perfect wedding band.

Read on for the scoop….

Djs are great, but there's something special about a band

If you’re making decisions about your wedding entertainment right now, we’ll help you get there - peep all of our entertainment vendors. Granted, I was always team DJ, but my hubby and father convinced me that a [GOOD] band would just be too good to pass up. And they definitely weren’t wrong 👍 Plus, The Wedding Singer always put the idea in my head that I’d never be able to find a DJ could who could move and shake like thissssssss. And while I’m sure there definitely are DJs who can get down, wedding singers just have it in their blood.

the right band leader can get the mic hogs off the stage

That classic scene in TWS when Robbie Hart boots Steve Buscemi off the stage for being beyond wasted and embarrassing himself is ALL OF US. So many brides and grooms worry about their bestie, sister, brother, etc. getting up to make their toast and completely failing - whether it’s because they’re drunk AF or just have no skills in the speech department. A good band leader can sniff out the impending shame fest and fix the situation before things get weird.

a good emcee can shut down guest drama real quick

Now, of course, it was during his mental meltdown, but Robbie Hart had noooo issues telling a drunken wedding guest to STFU when he screamed out ‘you suck!!!’ Bands with boss emcees can take control of the night and make sure if any of your guests get out of line, they’re quickly and effectively handled. So, if you suspect someone from your past getting up in the middle of your reception and blurting out something stupid - hmm maybe about being in love with your new husband or wife - just lock eyes with your band leader and give them that nod. And it’s on.

80's songs will always slay

No matter how many times we hear “Don’t Stop Believin” or anything by Whitney Houston we can’t help but get up and own the dance floor. And good wedding bands always have a solid repertoire of 80s stuff on their playlists, in addition to all the modern wedding entrance songs that are sure to kill. I can’t say that “Mony Mony” wasn’t on my hit list when I got married. Though, I think even my band (amaze as they were) recognized that that was probably only going to get ME excited.

great bands have more than one token singer

The idea was there when Robbie told George to get up and sing ‘Do You Really Want to Hurt Me.’ Wasn’t a huge success, but it definitely made the point that a good wedding band has several singers in rotation. One guy will do rock well, another girl can turn out baller Beyonce ballads, maybe your keyboardist will just shock everyone and get up and nail a Justin Timberlake hit. Whatever the case may be. Your band should be versatile, multi-talented, and dynamic. And have as many solid musicians as there are soulful singers.

bands that bring it will let talented guests take a turn

The best guys in the biz will recognize talent in the crowd, and let that star shine. Even if that star is your grandma… Mic drop.

And the BEST bands will make sure they know a little country too… Well, they’ll at learn it if you’re opting for a Nashville track for your first dance.

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