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What was not Love at First Sight Ended in a Perfect Picnic Proposal

real proposal story

Jennifer and Jordan's relationship didn't start out ideally, but a chance seating assignment changed everything. Read on to hear their sweet story.

We are high school sweethearts with a rocky start. Unfortunately it was not love at first sight, we were two brace faced 8th graders who couldn't stand each other. Until we were forced to sit together on the way to a basketball game, our friendship blossomed on that long bus ride and in 10th grade with a gentle push from two awesome friends we started dating. 

From prom, to caps and gown our love for each grew and 10 years later he repeatedly asked me if I wanted to go on a picnic. I mean like everyday for 2 weeks, "Do you want to go on a picnic?" "Do you still want to go on a picnic?" "We're still going on a picnic right?" was all I heard from him. I started getting suspicious, why was he so interested in picnics all of a sudden? 

real proposal story

Do you want to go on a picnic?

Saturday finally arrived and we attended his nephews little league game. Afterward his niece asked if she could come with us and Jordan told her no, which I found to be weird since he never turned down his niece or nephews if they wanted to tag along. We finally made it to Stone Mountain Park where he told me we were going to have our picnic on a boat. I thought, "Oh how sweet just like The Little Mermaid." 

real proposal story

Jordan was not giving up

We must've driven around the mountain for an hour looking for the boat rentals with no success. So I suggested we do mini golf, before the picnic, he perked up and we dashed to the back of the park to find out that Mini Golf was closed. The train was next to that and I was determined to help him make this happen. He agreed to ride the train and well you probably guessed it, the train was closed for repairs. They tried the Gondola that takes you up to the top of the mountain but it was closed too. Jordan was pale and looked so sad. I suggested we ask someone and 5 people later we were off to find the boats again. We reached the boats and they were about to close, but we made it just in time. Jordan rowed to a lakeside island and our picnic was back on. We had a perfect view of the mountain where he proposed and I said yes.

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