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What to Wear On Your Last Weekend of Bridehood


What to Wear On Your Last Weekend of Bridehood Photo Credit:

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking little white dresses because it’s officially that season. Between engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorettes, and wedding weekends themselves, this summer, there is no shortage of opportunities for a bride to embrace her LWD game - and she can get any and everything she’s looking for at David’s Bridal. Yes, the retailer absolutely has head-to-toe looks for every wedding-related occasion, but right now we’re really feeling the short stuff. And on the last weekend of a bride-to-be’s engagement, she’s gotta take advantage of her options, because wearing white a whole lot more after the wedding doesn’t happen all too much. It’s an honor and a privilege to get to wear the color, so head over to DB now and start picking things out. We’re pretty sure we can make some educated decisions for you, too.

So we’re assuming the bachelorette already happened…

But you can absolutely have another last fling before the ring a few hours before your wedding ceremony takes place. Or even the whole day before you get married… the more mimosas the merrier…

What to Wear On Your Last Weekend of Bridehood

If the hotel you’re staying at has a pool outside, that’s where you and your besties need to be to soak up the last little while of your singlehood. Don’t forget the sash, don’t forget a cocktail or two to get you ready for the walk down the aisle, and don’t forget to fully enjoy the circumstances. If it can be arranged, see if a few members of the spa team could coordinate mani and pedi appointments poolside - and if your professional photographer hasn’t arrived yet, make sure one of your friends, sisters, cousins, or mama(s) is documenting the magic of the morning. You’ll want to have these pics forever.

You’ll obvi want the pics of you and your girls in robes getting ready, but before that point, we like the idea of everyone dressing in white and getting as festive as humanly possible.

Here are a few of the dresses we like!

DB Studio Short Sequin V-Neck Dress with Blouson Bodice, $199.95

A swirl of beads and sequins adorns this short V-neck dress from sheer sleeves to fitted sheath skirt. We love this for the last morning of your engagement. It’s festive and full of sparkle - and when you have that soon-to-be newlywed dust sprinkled all over you already, this just adds to the magic. Looks pretty killer with a gold bride sash and those fringe heels, too. Just sayin! 

What to Wear On Your Last Weekend of Bridehood

DB Studio Short Sheer Bodice Organza A-Line Dress, $229.95

Perfect for casual ceremonies, bridal showers, or bachelorette parties, this little white dress features a sheer embroidered bodice and a short organza A-line skirt accented with crystals at the waist and sleeves. It’s not lace or a shift like hers was, but this totally makes us think of Lea Michele’s after-party wedding look. Fun, flirty, and youthful. Your best friend will look like a boss in this party dress.

What to Wear On Your Last Weekend of Bridehood

DB Studio Flounced Cold Shoulder Short Faux-Wrap Dress, $99.95

With a flounced cold shoulder neckline and faux-wrap silhouette, this high-low mini dress is just the thing for the morning before your wedding (destination wedding goals, for daysss), your post-wedding brunch, or your honeymoon getaway. Coupled with a fresh tan, flower in your hair, and a great pair or fancy espadrilles or any pedicure-highlighting heels, this dress is completely white party appropriate. We couldn’t imagine it anywhere else. You might just want to call dibs first, before any of your girlies get their hands on it!

What to Wear On Your Last Weekend of Bridehood

White Bridal Lace Robe, $49.95

And yes, it’s not technically a little white dress, but a white lace robe essentially gets across the same kind of look. It’s sassy, it’s assured, and it’s a more-than-acceptable addition to any honeymoon packing situation. Wear it to get ready on the morning of your wedding, and then pack it for round two on the honeymoon. But leave less to the imagination 😉. Breakfast-in-bed approved.

What to Wear On Your Last Weekend of Bridehood

You never know, you might even want to transition back into these looks as soon as the wedding is over. Especially if you want to share the styles, change up your hairdo, and swap in some new #afterpartyperfect jewelry… We’re behind it 100p!!!


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