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What to Wear If You’re Renewing Your Vows


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Lately, I’ve been seeing a lotttt of vow renewals happening on Instagram, and wowwwww. The photography is impressive!!! There’s definitely no pressure AT ALL 1) to even have a vow renewal - one [wedding] and done certainly works but if you do do it, you kind of have ALL the freedom to make it whatever kind of event you want. iPhone photos in portrait mode (basic AF), do the job, but so do professional ones, especially when they turn out like these👇. Crazy good, right?

Anyway, before we talk about one of the best parts of renewing your vows. The fashion. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention all the reasons why vow renewals just make sense. Above and beyond the basic fact that they can be adorable and so sweet.

You’re coming up on a major milestone. 

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Whether it’s 5 (next year will be mine, can’t even believe it), 10, 25, 30, 50, 60 (or even more) years later, celebrating a big anniversary is certainly a cause to recommit. Gifts are great, especially when you get into gold and diamond territories, but a vow renewal can be the most special gift to give one another. And if you’re vacationing at the same time, it’s often an amazing part of the experience to exchange vows - again - with your S.O. and new squad in a surreal location. 

You’ve gone through it, and you’re finally on the other side.

Vow Renewal Couple Who Went Through Cancer Photo Credit:

Marriage is tough stuff. It’s not all hot married sex all the time. It takes balls on behalf of both parties to commit to each other, put each other first all the time, and perhaps even raise a family together. But the hardship, struggles and tests that a couple goes through following their I Dos (financial issues, infidelity, sickness, death+mourning, etc.) can help bring them closer and that reconfirmation of love deserves to be recognized and reveled in.

You want another chance at your best day ever.

Vow Renewal Older Couple in Fancy Wear Photo Credit:

A lot of times, too, couples don’t end up having the wedding that they always ‘dreamed of.’ For whatever reason, perhaps due to the huge undertaking+expense of it all, family strife, or a rushed timeline, a couple might have gotten married for love ((alwayssss the objective)), but missed out on the jubilation that usually accompanies it. A vow renewal can be a ultimate second chance for a couple to recommit and go all in with their better half, surrounded by the people they love most (or none at all.... youuuu doooo youuuu). 

And really, these events can be as big or as little as you want! Like we said before, vow renewals come with even less expectations, and you can make it your own as much as possible.

Starting with what you wear. 

Vow Renewal Son Carrying His Mother's Train
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Maybe you want to don something reminiscent of your OG wedding look, or maybe what you wore then has always been a huge regret - so now you want to find something that might even be anti-bride. Perhaps you’d like to rock some color? Maybe you don’t even want to wear a dress (bridal jumpsuits f*** yas). Or maybe you want to find something that your kids really love. Their opinions might weigh on you (in a good way) a lot more than your bridesmaids, mother, or MIL’s did way back when. And you want to wear something that won't just make you feel beautiful, but will let them shine. ☝️

In any case, here are a few looks that we 😍😍😍. Check ‘em out!

Laure De Sagazan Bridal 2019 CollectionDesigner :

Willowby by Watters 2019 Designer:

Lotus Threads 2019 Collection Designer :

Willowby by Watters 2019 Designer :

Savannah Miller 2019 CollectionDesigner :

Rime Arodaky Collection 2019 Designer :

Lotus Threads Winter 2019Designer:

Rime Arodaky 2019 Collection Designer:

Savannah Miller 2019 CollectionDesigner:

Laure De Sagaza Bridal 2019 CollectionDesigner :

Lauren Wells Bridal 2019 CollectionDesigner :

Rime Arodaky 2019 Bridal Designer :

Alexandra Grecco Cloud Nine CollectionDesigner:

Alexandra Grecco Cloud Nine CollectionDesigner:

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