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What to Wear as a Guest to An End of Summer Wedding


What to Wear as a Guest to An End of Summer Wedding Photo via:

Finding a wedding invitation in your mailbox is always exciting! Having friends or family get married to the person they love most in the world is a special event that no one wants to miss. As it gets closer, all you need to worry about is getting them the right gift. They’ll take care of the rest of the event, which is a huge relief, especially if you’re already swamped with planning your own wedding.

After you get your gift, you may think you’re done, but then comes the issue of deciding what you’re going to wear. Especially for late summer weddings, the choice isn’t as easy as it could be. There’s no coat to center the outfit around like there would be for a winter wedding, so there are more options to sift through.

If you’re feeling confused about what you should wear as a guest to an end of summer wedding, read on for some inspiration. You’ll put together the perfect outfit in no time, so you’ll be ready to head out the door and celebrate love with your friends or family.

Your Little Black Dress

Most people wouldn’t think about wearing a little black dress to a wedding because the color black isn’t typically associated with weddings. That doesn’t mean it’s completely out of the option for you! If your little black dress has a fun design, you can wear it to any wedding.

The goal is to not show up in a somber dress. Try to pick out something that might be shorter or have interesting beadwork. Any black dress that’s on sale during summer will probably be acceptable, since it’ll be meant to be worn as soon as you leave the store. Check your closet to see if you have one you could wear or shop around to check out what’s on sale.

An Evening Gown

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Lots of summer weddings happen in the evening, since it’s so hot outside during the day. This opens up the possibility of wearing a fun and fancy evening gown to the ceremony. It’s a great chance to dress to the nines, which isn’t done very often outside of weddings.

Since the wedding invitation often matches the theme that the wedding is designed for, you can get color suggestions from it. You don’t want to show up to a neutral themed wedding in a bright red dress! Opt for a color that feels laid back to balance the dressed-up nature of your evening gown.

Anything with Florals

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Weddings always have lots of flowers, so count on florals to be your friend for your wedding outfit. You can wear floral for every season, but especially at the end of the summer when everything’s blooming and people want to take it all in before it starts getting cold outside. Choose an outfit that has a lightweight fabric with a bold print or incorporate florals into what you wear through your jewelry.

A Bright Suit

Suits always make a statement, and they’ve never been more fashionable for women to wear than during this modern age of empowerment. This may not be the first outfit idea you thought of because you might wear suits to work every day, but the key is to focus on color with a suit you wear outside of work.

Work colors for suits are mostly black with the occasional navy or even gray, so don’t wear those to a wedding. Pick out a bright suit in a pastel color so it’s fun but not explosive. A faded pink or blue will look classy and it’s sure to be comfortable whether you’re sitting, standing or dancing.

Vintage Inspired Skirt

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Modern designs aren’t catching your eye, so try something vintage instead. A vintage look will immediately have class, and it’ll also look right in place for a vintage themed wedding or a ceremony that leans towards an older and homier feel.

There are plenty of A-line dresses in vintage styles to choose from but that’s what everyone will go to first if it’s a vintage wedding. Opt for a skirt in an older style. You’ll love the ease of wearing a skirt instead of a long gown, and a skirt might better fit your personality and sense of style.

Maxi Dress

It seems like the dress of the summer — every summer! — is the maxi dress. They can be dressed up or down, so they’ll work for wedding guest attire. This is another great option if you can’t afford to go out and shop. You might already have a maxi dress in your closet! Dress it up with the right pair of shoes or a fancy hairstyle and you’re all set to go.

Lace, Lace, Lace

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When in doubt, head towards anything made of lace. Lace and weddings go hand in hand. There are dresses of all shapes and styles that use lace because it’s an elegant material, so you should easily be able to find something in your style that uses lace.

What you wear to a wedding requires a lot of thought. You want to reflect the sincerity and magnitude of the event through your outfit, but you’d also never want to take any of the attention away from the bride. Showing up in an outfit that’s out of place will not only make you the talk of the wedding, but you’ll also look like you wanted it to happen.

Instead, use these simple tips to figure out what you’re going to wear to a wedding at the end of this summer. Choose something with a floral print or head down the nearest aisle that’s full of lace. Match your dress to the theme of the wedding or dress up in colorful suit.

Whatever you decide to wear should be as comfortable as it is fashionable. Weddings often take most of the day, so make your final choice for what feels the best when you wear it. Ultimately, you’re going to spend the day admiring the bride and groom, so your worries about what you’ll wear will fade away with time.

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