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We’d hardly say “NO” to any engagement ring, but there’s certainly a ring for every girl. The one-size-fits-all approach? Definitely not a good look when it comes to THE ring, and that’s the beauty of the buy! Just like your wedding will be unique and unmatched, so, too, should your ring be. And whether you decide you want to shop with your partner for your sparkler, drop a few hints his or her way and let the chips fall where they may, or allow the ring and the ask to happen surprisingly, sight unseen, you’ll inevitably have your preferences for the stone semblance based on your personality, your lifestyle, and how you want your wedding to take shape. Of course, we all have ideas on who wears what stone best, but we pinged our friends at La More Design just to give us some more background on the highlights of each cut. At the end of the day, any bride-to-be can rock any rock she wants, just takes confidence.

In any case, here are some of our thoughts // mixed with some visual inspiration

Round Cut

La More Design Round Cut StoneFeatured Engagement Ring:

There’s truly nothing more classic and timeless than a round cut stone. It’s stunning and packs an incredible amount of sparkle since it’s so faceted. It also fits into pretty much any setting, so you have amazing versatility and can pick something that either vibes together flawlessly or has a much more mixed media look. And even more importantly, these circular stones slay on all types of hands - which can’t be said about every stone. Long fingers, short fingers, rounded nails or squared off tips, no matter how the digits look, a round cut diamond (or alternate gemstone) will do the most.

Oval Cut

La More Design Oval Cut Stone

We can all thank Hailey Baldwin for giving us the go ahead on this over-the-top gorgeous stone. The sparkle and color that complements this elongated stone, compared to a solitaire round, can be exponentially greater and more intense. Plus, overall, the oval just looks huge - if you’re a bride who can’t help being a sizeist 😉. Similarly to the round cut, ovals attract brides who cave over the classics, but can appreciate trends, too. I guess we’d say that the oval is the trendier round (especially if you go with an east-west iteration or pick a moodier stone - black oval FTW). Probably would have to be to be worn by Blake Lively. She does no wrong.

Cushion Cut

La More Design Cushion Cut Stone

Brides who love oval looks would probably also die over cushion cuts. They’ve got beyond-blingy sparkle, too, since they’re so largely faceted. What’s amazing about a cushion cut is how chameleon-like it is. Done as a solitaire or halo, the ring is super modern; however, done in a vintage floral or luna halo setting, the vibe is vintage for days. La More Design offers a breathtaking collection of cushion cut bridal sets featuring cushion moissanite, morganite, sapphire, aquamarine, ruby, diamond and more - which speaks to how great the stone looks in ANY shade.

Pear Cut 

La More Design Pear Cut Stone

Even though it’s common knowledge that pear stones aren’t the most popular of traditional shapes, I’ve known two brides who only ever wanted an asymmetrical, tear drop stunner, and they are both badasses. The stone also helps elongate the finger, which is helpful for brides with smaller hands. La More Design could care less about how the stone stands up to popular culture, though, because pear cut engagement rings combine a round brilliant cut and a marquise cut to form a gorgeous teardrop that beautifully blends uniqueness and next-level luster. 

Rose Cut

La More Design Rose Cut Stone

You don’t see these stones quite as often as brilliant round, princess, and/or oval cuts, because the allure of sparkle is far from over, but the flower-resembling rock - with its pink-kissed hue - is ridiculously resplendent and a perfect option for a bride who’s all about the vintage. The appearance of the rose cut is slightly glassy, misty, and a little crystal ball-esque, but it’s also softer and more romantic. If I didn’t go with a princess cut way back when, I’d probably vote for rose, because it’s a little hypnotizing, fiercely feminine, and moody AF. And with a LMD rose cut, you can supplement the sparkle with pavé diamonds around the band or floating halo diamonds above or below the center stone. It’s impactful and majorly multidimensional. If you’re a bride with a jewelry box full of rings and statement bands (curvy or shaped), you’ll want a rose cut to fit well into your ring finger stacking parties.

Emerald Cut

La More Design Emerald Cut Stone

And think about the kind of stone that entrances ladies like Amal Clooney or Anne Hathaway - it’s got to be sophisticated, glamorous, and self-assured. An emerald center stone is arresting, it’s blocky, but smooth, it has edges, but overall, it is seamless and composed. This is the type of stone that can be worn alone and independently of any other rings, jewelry, statement pieces, because it carries so much weight on its own. Plus, it impresses solo stylistically, too, you don’t need to be dressed to the nines to still shine. Elegant evening couture, or a structured suited look, jeans and a cute top, or pajamas (really), whatever you’re wearing will either complement your emerald or give it the spotlight.

We won’t pigeon-hole any bride, though, because let’s be honest, La More Design turns it out with any stone - be it cushion or emerald, oval or pear. Shop the shapes now!

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