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What should he wear?

We focus so much on the Bride's look and feel that, of course, it is very easy to overlook what our Men should wear. A black tux is more than perfect but, here are a few other options thanks to

What should he wear?

Listed in order from top to bottom. Sorry ladies, the bottom fashion did not have a product spec layout. But, we wanted to add this super cute look for that funky fashionable wedding.

1.A tuxedo, $1,895, by Dolce & Gabbana, Tuxedo shirt, $450, and bow tie, $85, both by Brioni,

2. Suit, $4,155, and tie, both by Brioni, Shirt, $275, by Etro, Glasses, $180, by Christian Dior,

3. Khaki blazer, $1,040, and trousers, $350, both by Moschino Uomo, Cotton shirt, $275, by special order, Ermenegildo Zegna, Alligator belt, $475, by Martin Dingman,

4. $4,155, by Brioni, Shirt, $275, and tie, $115, both by Etro, Boots, $215, by Charles Tyrwhitt, 866-797-2701.