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What Happens When You Invite A Herd Of Camels To Your Wedding

what happens when you invite a herd of camels to your wedding

Are you thinking of cranking up the wild on your wedding day? What if you invited a herd of camels to your nuptials? That will definitely add a little uniqueness to your day (or rather large, camels are surprisingly big)! So, what should you expect if you decide to  have LIVE ANIMALS at your wedding?  

Read on because we are going to share some must-read tips on how to have live animals at your wedding. Including Camels of course. While you are reading take in all this wedding camel action captured by  Aschaaa Photography.

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We love animals, big, small, domestic and wild. Naturally, when we see them incorporated into weddings we are get so excited. So why don’t we see more of them? Besides the ring bearer dog, getting animals to your wedding can be a bit of a scheduling and costly endeavor.

the more exotic the animal, the more it will cost!

Domesticated therapy llamas and alpacas not included. These friendly creatures come with a few less strings attached. Why? They are less likely harm anyone. Want alpacas at your wedding? Luckily we  can show you exactly how to get them to your big day.

Animals come with handlers. They are required to have special license to escort them to special events. So, to put it into perspective, imagine that Lion you are hoping to surprise all your wedding guests with is an A-list movie star you've hired. You're going to have to jump through a few hoops to get the lion to your wedding. And they don't come cheep. 

If you still want to have a camel at your wedding, we totally understand when you want what you want... here are some camels for hire in Australia! 

wedding camels

Your venue needs to okay it

If you are bringing an elephant, to your Las Vegas wedding (true story), you need to make sure that
1. the venue allows exotic animals
2. the animal can fit in the space

Plus there is the figurative elephant in the room about your physical elephant in the room… insurance. That’s right, the couple that wanted an elephant at their Vegas wedding were required to get a multimillion dollar insurance policy before the elephant was allowed on the premises. 

Oh and that doesn’t include the $10,000 to hire the elephant in the first place. Wowza!!! I guess you and your guests will be stuck eating peanuts along with that fine elephant you purchased for the night. 

bride and groom and wedding camelscamel compound in Austria


So rather then pay to have the animals come to you, why not go to them? This is a great idea especially if you are looking for a rustic or farm style wedding day. Be aware this may not be the cheaper avenue.  You will likely need to rent all your decor, chairs and table… not to mention toilets (depending on the venue).  

You'll need to find out about noise ordinances and handle all the logistics.  Your all night dance party may not happen. All your furry friends need to stick to their bed times. 

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Make It A Big Adventure For Two

Determined to have a wild adventure on your wedding day? The idea of renting out an exotic animal with a hefty price tag + insurance doesn’t really sound like your kind of thing? Maybe eloping is more up your alley? Hooray, we've just the place for the two of you. DK Grand Safaris will take you and your love on a thrilling African safari! 

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