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What could possibly go wrong at our wedding?


What could possibly go wrong at our wedding?

“Most of the time, most weddings go pretty smoothly. But when something unexpected does go wrong, it can be frightening how quickly the costs can add up,” according to wedding insurance provider WedSafe.
Some of the stories below are pretty crazy, you never know. The weather, a super drunk cousin or a vendor that all your friends recommended to do your makeup, and she never shows up, neither did your deposit.
Let’s be honest here, we all know of plenty of brides who for one reason or another have cancelled their weddings and unfortunately ALL DEPOSITS that you give to vendors and locations that you book are NON REFUNDABLE. You can call and explain to them your incredible story, but sadly enough your deposit will not be returned. PS- Wedding Insurance does not cover cold feet.
We did a quick quote for $25,000 worth of insurance which covered Liability and Cancellation insurance and pretty much everything else and it ended up being $328. That is totally worth it, with everything you are putting into this… if something happens you never know. You can visit WedSafe to learn more about it. We listed some other wedding insurance companies we found below as well.
Here are some real life situations WedSafe customers have experienced, as posted on their web site:
Ten inches of rain fell in Virginia, State Highway 10 was closed. Bridal party members and guests couldn’t get to reception site. Band, food, cake, flowers, photos all had to be cancelled.
Amount Reimbursed Event Cancellation coverage – Wedding Event Cancellation / Postponement Plus: $25,000
Wedding venue originally expected to open in time for the wedding, but construction completion date was pushed back and the wedding had to be rescheduled.
Amount Reimbursed through Event Cancellation coverage – Wedding Event Cancellation / Postponement Plus: $17,694.87
Photographer’s camera bag – containing several rolls of wedding pictures – was stolen during the reception.
Amount Reimbursed through Photographs / Video coverage – Wedding Event Cancellation / Postponement Plus: $3,000
Bride and groom held responsible for damaged carpet at reception.
Claim paid by Property Damage coverage – Wedding Liability Insurance: $5,523.81

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