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You can say Tom and I both have similar back stories before arriving to this moment. I was born in Vietnam and Tom was born in the Philippines. I moved to the United States in 2001 and went to college at VCU in Richmond, VA. Tom moved to the United States in 2006 and went to college at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. We never crossed paths during college even though Tom would sometimes visit VCU with his friends. 

Dim Sum Lovers

As we began our individual careers, we both found our way to Southern California. We met through our only mutual friend Ashley who visited me in September 2015. She invited Tom and I for dim sum at Bao Dim Sum House – if you knew anything about us, you would know we would never turn down an invitation to eat – (ever since, we have made it a tradition to eat there on the same date every year).  This is where the friendship really began, we made endless plans to hang out and travel!

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Tom + Linh + Lizzy = 🏠

Fast forward four years later, Tom and I bought a condo together with our cat Izzy. Tom purchased the ring in May 2019 and was planning to propose in Aug 2019 when we travel to Vietnam to visit my family. Tom was still scheming for the perfect moment to propose in Vietnam. On a random Sunday night earlier this month, we were having a conversation about marriage and our relationship just to check in with each other. It got late and we decided to postpone the conversation to get ready for bed. I went to the bathroom while Tom was still out in the living room shuffling through things, I thought he was giving Izzy some treats.

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Spontaneity Rules!

Turned out, Tom decided to make a spontaneous proposal because the moment felt perfect to him. I came out to the living room and saw Tom cradling Izzy with a shiny red box on Izzy’s fluffy belly. I was so confused, hysterical, and emotional all at the same time that I almost just left the room. Tom kept telling me to open the box and I kept saying no. He kneeled on one knee with Izzy still in his arms and proposed. We were both in the living room crying and laughing at each other in our underwear and t-shirts. I felt so ugly because I had whitening strips on my teeth and laughed at how silly I looked at this special moment. However, it was such an intimate moment in our first home with our family of three. Tom will never let me forget how I ugly cried that night but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

engagement story

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