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Wedding Signage Was So Important Already, But In 2020 It's Crucial


Wedding Signage Was So Important Already, But In 2020 It's Crucial

We’ve always been hype people for wedding signage. It’s playful, it adds whimsy to the day, and it’s personal. Sure, your wedding guests know that they’re attending your wedding, but when they can look around and see stunning signs up that infuse your personalities, celebrate the occasion, and provide some direction (social distancing, pandemic protocol), they get a much bigger sense that this is your day, not just one event or a few hours, but a whole day. So, we caught up with Square Signs to take a peek at their wedding templates - and brides, if you haven’t planned out your bulletins for the big day yet, then you’ll want to spend some time checking out their site.

Why not Etsy?

Over the years, it’s almost become a reflex for brides to commission an artist, stationer, calligrapher or Etsy shop owner to handle their wedding signage. It’s an easy way to go and you’ll almost always love what you end up with (fingers crossed) - but there also is something to be said for doing it yourself. Nothing that’ll bring more stress to your life during an already super stressful year, of course, but designing your own signage for the day can be fun, functional, and fairly cost effective.

Wedding Signage Was So Important Already, But In 2020 It's Crucial

With Square Signs, everything is customizable: meaning that you can change the elements, colors, and sizes as much as you’d like. Their design tool is made to be easy to use and to bring that top-dollar, pro-designer vibe to your creations in just a few clicks. You don’t have to be a graphic designer or Photoshop guru to make the pieces you’ll be proud to hang or display on your wedding day.

It’s your wedding, you make the rules. 

And we don’t just mean aesthetics and traditions-wise. That’s already a given, because it’s 2020 and wedding ‘rules’ don’t exist anymore, you can do what you want, where you want, how you want and with whoever you want for witnesses. The global pandemic; however, hasn’t slowed down - it’s the most influential circumstance surrounding weddings right now, and we have no idea when that might change. So, new rules are becoming necessary for wedding events to mitigate risk and ensure everyone in attendance is as safe and protected as possible.

Signs are a great way to set some standards for this incredibly special occasion, and they don’t have to come across as strict safeguards, either. Square Signs’s new wedding templates allow couples to create cadences for their celebration, without making their preferences (for mask-wearing, hand-washing etc.) pressuresome. 👇 I mean, come on with that iconography, so cute, right?

Wedding Signage Was So Important Already, But In 2020 It's Crucial

It’s your brand, make it beautiful and make it you.

Just like the above says, distance is temporary, so this scary time will pass - eventually - but your love is endless. If you want to make a few tabletop signs or canvases for your escort card display, your bars, your reception tables, you absolutely can. Pull pictures in from an earlier time in your engagement, blow up your names and see them together for the first time as your newlywed selves, tailor a timeline that gives your guests an itinerary for the afternoon/evening without being too prescriptive.

Our world is pretty crazy right now, but one of the more fortunate consequences is that we have more time to connect with the closest people to us (fiancé/fiancées included). We’re staying home, we’re hunkering down, we’re riding all of this chaos and uncertainty out - so if you’re one of the lucky ones getting married soon, embrace this new normal, and reserve some time to design something sweet with bae.

Wedding Signage Was So Important Already, But In 2020 It's Crucial

Take advantage of the free, pre-designed graphics from many different categories available in Square Signs’s design tool. With access to thousands of elements, you can create your design from scratch. Whether you need a design for your I Dos or pre-wedding parties (engagement party, bridal showers, bachelorettes, etc.), you can find graphics related to whatever wedding theme you’re searching for in one click.

They’re decor, too, not just posters.

With Square Signs, you can find all types of signage solutions - from canvas prints to vinyl lettering, acrylic to wooden signs (both of these have been and will continue to be major trends in weddings) made exclusively for you. Everything is made from exceptionally top-quality, highly-durable materials. And your time and money are valued in all of it as you trust Square Signs to be your ultimate sign maker. Next day shipping is available, too, which isn’t guaranteed AT ALL from all of the more prêt-à-porter paper goods. Get started on your I Do designs rn! 

Wedding Signage Was So Important Already, But In 2020 It's Crucial

We partnered with Square Signs to bring you all this dynamite wedding signage know-how. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!