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Wedding Playlist 101: Digster Makes It a Piece of Cake


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I definitely can’t pride myself on being a master music maven. I have a pretty good taste in what’s cool, but I’d have to give my husband the award for curating. He always seems to pull the perfect playlist out of thin air. I seriously have to give him props for getting me through countless writer’s roadblocks, when my usual Jack Johnson rotation just isn’t getting it done. But thankfully, that’s why we’re married. Among other things 😊.

It was a team effort to put together our wedding playlist back in the fall of 2014, we literally blocked out a random Wednesday night, set Top Chef (when it aired on Wednesdays) to record, and poured LARGE glasses of wine to ease our moods before cross referencing thousands of songs on our Spotify, iTunes and Rhapsody lists. Yes, it was fun to break up the night with random dance parties - which obvi included some Britney, The Outfield, and Madcon - but overall, it was tough. Because I needed perfection in the list we handed over to our wedding band. And I’m pretty sure we never got there. Close, but not quite.

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We were hardly the first couple to go through serious struggs when it came to piecing our setlist together for the big day, and certainly won’t be the last. So, getting some direction along the way isn’t a bad thing. Yes, you can ask your besties for their advice, you can even crowd source music suggestions from your guests (through their response cards) or take a poll/solicit reccos from your friends on social media, but it’s still a lot of work. At the end of the day, there’s an easier way… 100 percent. And we found it in Digster.

Digster curates world-class playlists for all occasions, moods, and music genres. Their playlists always include today’s best hits, the hottest new music, and the most popular classics - oh, and the music is updated weekly, even daily, by their in-house experts and consummate curators. Yep, that magic that happens when you go looking for a GOAT playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, that’s them. Human people - not robots - sharing some of their beat brilliance.

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As Universal Music Group’s premier playlist brand, Digster started as a one-stop streaming umbrella for UMG music and artists - you may know just a few of them: Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Miley…. And evolved into a brand that aggregates their artists’ music and playlists, and allows users to listen to their music on the streaming platform of their choice.

How to do it:
  1. Head over to the Digster website
  2. Browse by genre, mood, artist and country by origin
  3. Find a playlist you love
  4. Choose your favorite streaming app to listen to the list

They also offer some sweet perks like the chance to win special prizes, incentives and merchandise. Wedding planning can be the worst sometimes (yuuuup, we said it), so some rewards along the way couldn’t hurt…. You can read about some of the exciting things on their blog.

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We’re already a step ahead of you with some lists we LOVE for the wedding day and all of the pre-I Do happenings that deserve their own soundtracks. Check it RIGHT NOW.

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